Wonders of LifeThroughout the newsletters I mentioned the International Conference on Science and
. This conference and the International Conference on Shamanism, the International Conference on Sacred Sexuality and the International Conference on Sound Healing are organized by “The Message Company”

The conferences bring together today’s world visionaries who get to present their own perspective, findings and methods dealing with all aspects life.

All presentations and workshops are filmed, and those videos are available through The Message Company’s website:
– you can purchase the videos individually:
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– you can subscribe to the Visionary DVD Club and receive 3 presentations on a DVD per months.
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I strongly recommend these videos as they each are eye opening.
One that I got to listen to live, and that I watched again when I received the DVD is about our soul:

The Living Soul”, by Mitchell Gibson, MD
The human soul is one of the most magnificent creations ever conceived by the Creator. Even more wonderful is the fact that each of us owns one. However, few of us know anything more about this fantastic gift than what we learned in Sunday school. During this session, you will learn the true nature of the human soul, its origins, anatomy, physical structure, mental and emotional nature, and spiritual potential. Discover never before released secrets about the function of the human soul.

If you are looking for an original gift idea, offer a subscription to your curious friends and relatives.