My friend Yossi introduced me to a group of Canadian artists who put a series of illustrated books together, depicting our common awakening process through life. These beautiful, poetic and truth carrying books touch children and adults alike. Here is an introduction of themselves by the Mirificent team:


Mirificent Rabbit CoverThe inspiration of these works of Love is the transformation of Being. With the understanding that through the greatest challenges comes the most sublime victories, we explore what it means to become free of our fears by embracing the wisdom of our own living experience through these *mirificent illustrated stories. They exist to create a bridge, and to offer a life-line, between the two halves of our separated selves, guided by imagination, with wholeness, clarity, and freedom as our intent.
*mirificent means to cause wonder. Illustrated is used in every sense of the word (i.e : to explain, serve as an example, make something clear, illuminate, shed light upon, with pictures)

Chicken of Freedom Cover Mirificent TrilogyMirificent Rabbit invites the reader on a journey through challenge to the birth of courage, and a new, wondrous perspective of themselves. This is where loving success is achieved by becoming aware of the very real power we each possess to choose our own path. Whether dreaming in our sleep, or sleeping in our dream, this tale of self remembrance, and life beyond fear, is everyone’s.

The Chicken of Freedom, who pulls no punches to get out of its shell, takes the reader on a kaleidoscopic trip towards truth through the fear that keeps us locked away afraid of our own potential; all the while aiming to ‘break free’ of self-imposed limitations to soar towards the fulfillment of personal freedom.


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Support the Mirificent team with their message of hope for humanity. Buy the beautiful printed books, they will attract every one’s curiosity.