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Experience the Big Heart Big Mind meditation


Following the mind and heart opening teleclass with Zen Master Genpo Roshi,

here is the link to the Big Mind Big Heart Weekend Workshop, in San Francisco August 8-9, 2009: http://www.bigmind.org/San_Francisco.html

You can still benefit from the discounted weekend rate through July 14th.


Genpo RoshiOriginally recommended by Alan Davidson, I discovered this powerful meditation to regain control of our life. Genpo Roshi, a certified Zen master, introduces an ancient Eastern meditation method, adapted to the Western civilization, to allow us to identify the numerous voices in our mind, and to simply get them under control and discover our “Big Mind” and “Big Heart”.

You can participate in a live seminar or simply watch Genpo Roshi’s sessions on DVD from your own home.

From Genpo Roshi’s website , here is his brief bio:

Is it any surprise that a modern Zen Master would find a way for modern people to experience Zen?

Genpo Roshi is a man who has accomplished over 35 years of Zen meditation practice, a man who’s a certified Zen Master. He’s also been a champion athlete, and is a devoted husband and father, a successful businessperson, and the respected author of five books. He is the creator of the Big Mind•BIg Heart practice, and is the Founder and Abbot of Kanzeon Zen Center and Kanzeon Sangha International. His whole adult life has been dedicated to raising consciousness