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I thank my friend Lex for his support, his partnership, his will to share knowledge and his patience in guiding me to be a listener and observer and guiding me in how to offer unconditional attention. I will introduce Lex fully soon. In the mean time, we offer you to read his book, the first book he is sharing as a gift, about Acceptance.

As a reminder, we recommend that you just read each part as a whole, like you would a sentence.Death Valley Color Palette

So what are we made of? Energy?

Energy flows though us at all times, we breath through our skin and through our mouth and nose to our lungs.
We create Energy, we blow candles, we throw rocks in the air.
We consume Energy, we drink water, we eat food. We share Energy, we row boats together, we share meals.
We manufacture Energy, we create electricity and petrol.
We are pure Energy, we are a majority of water, the rest is carbon based and our brain functions primarily with electrical impulses. (Check Reference page for details)
Irish Waterfall
Like a human wave at a large gathering, Energy flows like a mosaic wave. In the ocean, a wave is the moving Energy, the water stays in the same place and only moves with oceanic currents. We can ride the wave, swim through it, or stumble into it, and let it crash on us.

Where would you like to be?

Like swimming in the ocean, we can swim in the Energy flow of life. We can accept life as it is right now and deal with it in  constructive way, like a dolphin swimming in the ocean. We can also float on the surface of a flat ocean and relax in stillness. Then swim further to our destination.

Our common actions in our societies create currents and we can swim with the current and reach our destination faster with less effort, or we can swim against the current using more Energy for less distance. We can also swim out of the current and cruise alone, until it is time to use the current again.

Huntington Garden Pasadena Desert Plant

Do you see Energy?
Do you feel Energy?
Do you touch Energy?
Do you smell Energy?
Do you hear Energy?
What color is Energy?
What Energy do you live in?
What is Energy?
Are you aware of Energy?
Do you control Energy?

I know for sure I am Energy, I am.


PS: If you want to learn how we can all perceive energy beyond our basic senses, I recommend my friend Dawn Clark’s book: “Perceiving Energy: Beyond the Physical Form” (See Friends Page)