Life’s action creates motionArgentina Sun Spirit

I am afraid of the unknown
I know
Like saying
I am afraid of being dead
I live

I feel, that is my truth.
My thoughts come after my feelings.
My judgment thoughts cloud my true feelings.
My pure thoughts, my consciousness, learn from my true feelings, aware.

From my lessons I support novelty in the universal moment.

Rio De La Plata Delta Tigre Tree MossWhat do we feel? What do you feel?
Are you aware of your feelings?
Do you accept your feelings?
Do you perceive all your feelings?
Do you know your feelings?

To understand our feelings, we first have to accept them unconditionally.

Once accepted, a clear mind receives instantaneously the messages carried by feelings.

We humans are blessed as our life is to experience and share with the universe through our ability to feel, thanks to the perfection of our physical shell, which acts as a communication device.

Our three dimensional world of duality limits our perception.

We live in the waving balance between extremes.

First what is our perspective?

What is your perspective?Tree on Island Near Tigre Argentina Delta

Are all your basic senses available to you?

Can you hear the high pitch frequencies like dogs?
Can you feel the deep base frequencies like snakes?
Can you see in the dark?

Can you see with your eyes closed?

I see better with my eyes closed.
I can see my hand behind my back for example.

What do you see?
Do you see auras?
Do you see spirits?
Do you see fairies?

Do you notice a difference when you ware correction lenses, sunglasses, or nothing covers your eyes?

Palm Tree Flower Delta Tigre ArgentinaCan you hear other people’s thoughts?
How do you know the thoughts you perceive are your thoughts? For example, if I recognize my voice internally, they are my thoughts. If I hear internally another person’s voice, then they are that person’s thoughts.

When I hear a person talking with judgments about others or another, such as “you are like this, you should do that, etc.” I hear internally “I am like this, I should do that, etc.”

Do you ever disappear in your thoughts, such as in self hypnosis, brought by a single point of focus in the mind in the moment?

Are you paying attention to where you are going when you day dream while driving?

Have you ever arrived at your destination wondering how you got there? I have.
As much as 10 minutes can pass, during which my body drives the car in automatic pilot, while my mind explores the depth of my being. My body perceives the surrounding elements and knows where I need to go, and takes me there safely.Rio De La Plata Buenos Aires Argentina Bush Flowers

When I use my thoughts, I can be distracted by one car on one side while another hits me where I am not looking.
When I let my body operate, my body senses the flow of the cars around and acts to keep safe distances from all at all time.

Our body tells us when there is danger. Our body tells us when it is satisfied. Our body interacts and communicates with the rest of existence. Our body has the power to feel. Our body is our gift to accomplish our purpose in this physical life.

In the stillness of the moment resides constant genesis, creating a wave, motion.
Malibu Creek Park Large TreeUniversal consciousness wakes up as a whole to the feeling of motion.
We humans are gifted with the rare gift of feeling life, individually and as a group.
Through humanity, universal consciousness feels.
A self understood organism, universal consciousness has learned to feel, and now implements feeling universally.
Spreading the human love vaccine of feeling life, what is, united by love.