Bad Lands South Dakota Sunrise 2008

At the 2005 Conference on Science and Consciousness, I met Dr Meir Schneider, and participated in a one-hour session about how to heal our vision through simple physical exercises. The lesson is in patience, our body uses time to adapt.

Dr Schneider is happy, he is funny, and he knows what he is talking about as he talks from experience. For example, try to turn one by one each of your toes, clock wise and counter clockwise, just by themselves… ha-ha! Well, Dr Schneider did it in front of my eyes, and it is in part by his self-discipline and body training that he has regained vision from legal blindness.

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Red Yellow FlowerYes, we can heal ourselves.

Each moment life recreates itself.

We constantly create ourselves.

At the same conference in Santa Fe, I heard Peter Russell, British Mathematician, Theoretical Physicist, and more, stating that life is “constant Genesis”. Each moment life recreates itself.

For those curious and/or already aware, I invite you to click here for more information on Peter Russell including a website with Abstracts from his writings in plain English.

When an advanced mathematician can explain spirituality with such clarity, I have faith for humanity. I remember, at the Santa Fe Conference, scientists speaking with passion about the new world we live in: Science can explain spirituality, science can explain consciousness. Visionary scientists also now understand faith, faith in life, faith in all that is, for the simple reason that all just is.

Still in Santa Fe, one of the most fascinating presentations I heard on the new horizon of our understanding of physics, was from Dr. Michio Kaku Bad

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Dr. Kaku is one of the predominant theoretical physicists, co-founder of string field theory (a branch of string theory).

He says “Many physicists today believe in the multiverse, i.e. Genesis is constantly taking place in a timeless ocean of Nirvana, creating Big Bangs even as you read this sentence.”

The moment evolves, evolution happens, when novelty rules.
When we are ourselves, we have the power to create in new and better ways, right now.