I think that I think thinking thoughts. Thinking, what is that?

Thoughts New Age Bretagne BigornotThoughts???

I am aware of what I am doing when I am doing it, are you?

Awareness is just our state of connectedness, and thoughts are triggered by experiences of what we are aware of, and not aware of, consciously and unconsciously.

Thoughts are instantaneous, and our mind manifests these thoughts into feelings, some into words or symbols, others into action and reaction, independently and all at the same time.

Do you own your thoughts? Do you recognize your thoughts? Do you know what you are thinking?

Have you ever heard/felt someone else’s thoughts, or felt like you did?Awakening Manifestation Los Angeles Sunrise

Are you sure that all the voices and other sounds in your head originate from you?

My deaf friends hear/feel only vibrations in their head, not words; still they have thoughts like all of us. They manifest these thoughts with body language, facial expressions, sign language, and communicate via telepathy. When communicating, deaf people look at each other straight in the eyes, and keep the connection until done speaking.

I have learned and am still learning, American Sign Language, and when I look at someone’s hands, I just lose the focus. When I just stare into the signer’s eyes, Thoughts Dreams Manifestations Maui Big BeachI connect with the message and the facial expressions, body gestures and signs all appear as one message which for me, personally, translates into words in my mind.

So, we can and actually do hear/feel other people’s thoughts, consciously and unconsciously.

Since we are all connected as one, it makes sense.

Here is another real life experience on thoughts. A few years back, at a business conference, I deliberately walked into a cocktail party while only focusing on my breathing, and not thinking. Light Oneness Maui Big Beach Sun MistI walked in, through the crowd of people I know, stopped a few times to observe people adjacent to me, and walked back out.  Only one person turned his head to me with a strange look during the whole time I was in the room.

I then walked back in the room, thinking about who were there, who I wanted to talk to, and immediately people noticed me and engaged in conversation before I said a word, and having no idea that I was in the room before. Furthermore, the man who turned his head with a strange look the first time I was in the room, said that he felt like I was just there, disappeared and reappeared.

Sunrise Awakening Acceptance Los AngelesSo what do you think? Does it matter that we think?

What happens when we think that other people’s thoughts in our mind are our own thoughts?

And now, what happens when we think?

When we take ownership of our thoughts, we unleash their power of creation.

Chris and Johnny Seitz asked me to share their wish for this new year, and I feel their wish follows with a message full of positive solutions to use our thoughts:

Dear All,

We wish you a safe, healthy and abundant  new year.

We hope that you maintain hope, warmth and love, flexibility and creativity during these times of great change and trust that 2009 will be most remarkable during this paradigm shift.

Trust that we all will get through these changing times in a graceful manner, if we, as a people create support for one another by fostering love, harmonious communication and a sense of community, manifesting all that you need to abound.Tranquility in Yosemite source of healing

We say good-bye to negative thought forms and  start anew in 2009! Be kind, be gentle, be forgiving, be a good listener, be collaborative,  be pro-active, be great, be humble, be love, be open, be lovable, be gracious, be brave, be intimate, be courageous, be vulnerable, be conscious, be eco-friendly, be green, be the light in someone’s eyes, be a witness to someone’s life, be intuitive, be honest, be willing, be of service, be honorable, be laughter, be joy, be yourself, be life, be in the moment, be outrageous, be the journey, be adventurous, be the change!

May love and light  continue to unfold in your hearts in 2009!

Our Best as always,

Chris and Johnny Seitz