Who is controlling my mind

When we make negative judgements about others we bring that negative energy into our own space, and the space of anyone who is listening or paying attention to the person making the judgement.

We exist only because we co-exist. We are all one non physical consciousness and we choose who we want to be so we can experience life according to our own purpose from our consciousness’ perspective.

We are not alone. There are enough witness testimonials about UFOs to confirm that we are not alone in the universe let alone on planet earth, and that what we consider technology is probably to our universal family the equivalent of a prehistoric caveman’s tools that we don’t even know really how to use properly.

We have facilitated governments around the world to form with corrupted structures because most of us have lived out of integrity with ourselves. Collectively we end up manifesting a world most of us complain about, wishing for a better world.

Make your world better now.
Be grateful for every breath.
Be thankful for all that allows you to eat.
Observe without judgement and live in peace with facts.
Trust your feelings, commit your mind to be honest with your body.

We are all bound by love. And only our ego-minds can brake that love with doubts.
So, love unconditionally, yourself and all life.
Anger and hate start within us at all time, same as lies, look within.
Let others reflect to you who you are and own who you are.

Let’s be supportive of each other so we can grow together and feel the power of one.

Remove the blinds, feel the energy, wake up to infinite possibilities, and embrace your power.

I am thankful that you exist so we exist with all as one.

Thank you!