We are one as one.


In other words:

we are individuals all connected as one.



We are connected as one Energy.


Who is controlling my mindWhen I am afraid of the dog, the dog senses my fear and goes in automatic defense mode. Any animal that senses another animal’s fear, takes it as the presence of a threat, so they go into defense mode.

This can be described scientifically today as series of chemical reactions in the dog body  and in the human body.

PangaeaProject OneNess Because those chemical reactions happen as a result of a series of emotions, triggered by our non physical life form beyond matter, this is best explained by the science of Epigenetics.

We know today that our emotions are triggered by thoughts that are generated by us as a reaction to the events we are aware of with our own unique state of awareness.

PangaeaProject Sunset Santa Cruz V ShapeToday if you are afraid, the dog senses y

our fear and we human beings can sense the dog’s fear at the same time.

Today when you are afraid everyone close-by senses your fear, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Conscious collective Redwood treesWhat do you do when faced with fear?

Whatever is yours or my reaction to fear, we all act, we take actions, we make choices.

What if today, there is a way to act consciously as a result of the good feelings we can get from connecting with each other, freely, at peace, because we are all humans?

What if with our thoughts we actually create what we are afraid of?PangaeaProject Open our Mind

What if with our good feelings we manifest our dreams into our shared reality?

What if we are stronger together when we co-create, consciously and subconsciously?

What if we are one field of energy, one humanity within one universe, one human within humanity, one conscious part of our selves within an infinite field of possible realities?flower perfection

What if there is no IF?

What is your reality right now?

What is your impact on us all humans?

What is your purpose within humanity on earth right now, like cells in our bodies evolve each to serve a specific purpose?

Conscious sky sunset delta perfecttimeDo you feel that you give more than you receive or that you receive more than you give?

Do you know why you give?

Can you give freely, efficiently, with love, right now in your thoughts, words and actions?

Do you know how to receive freely?GoldSunset

Why all those questions?

Because it is time for Actions, together, as One !