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Update, more interviews by the day: On America’s voice, Christina Aguayo interviews Judy again, following all the media frenzy: Judy Mikovits PhD Slams The Mainstream Media For Reporting FAKE NEWS Based On FAKE Science News Pt 1

My friend Judy Mikovits has dedicated her life for the past 40 year to saving hundreds of thousands of life, and she keeps going.

In the 80s she was the first to save the lives of AIDS victims.

Her interviews have been viewed by 10s of millions of people all over the world in the matter of a couple weeks.

I have learned to go where there is resistance. I find it fascinating that video testimonials of heroes of the scientific and medical world are taken down, while “fact checkers” troll videos flourish like mushrooms.

So, here are video that are independently hosted and will not be taken down and that I highly recommend:

Bobby Kennedy Jr’s interview on LondonReal! Did you know that Bobby has been a lawyer for water protectors for the past 30 years, to keep heavy metal poisoning from our water supplies. That this has led him to investigate vaccines using heavy metals. He shares his research in great detail. AND BONUS: Bobby shares the story of his family, and the result of his investigation into the death of his uncle JFK and father Robert Kennedy.

Judy Mikovits’s interview on LondonReal! It gets very real
Brian Rose, Founder of LondonReal, was nice enough to host the Plandemic Part 1 video as well.

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And this, Patrick Bet-David interview of Judy Mikovits that also has been viewed by millions: