reflecting pure consciousnessTogether we are connected as one consciousness and we create the manifestation of our collective belief.

One Consciousness

The key is to recognize each other and accept each other as we are, and to accept that we do create our reality and that we can change our reality for the better by matching our beliefs to “what is” instead of “what we think is.”

Imagine greeting in your mind or verbally each person you encounter with a positive acknowledgement of their pure nature behind any veil of society.

I love to practice this acknowledgment. An example is: “you are so beautiful, your heart emanates a powerful and radiant energy field. Thank you for being…”

The more I focus on those feelings about others with my heart the clearer those feelings become. The more I reflect to others their beauty from my heart, the more others metamorphose back to their original beautiful self.
The Buddhist philosophy summarizes this in one word: Namaste (“I bow to you”)

The reality we experience is the result of our collective thoughts and words even before our physical actions.
Imagine if instead of using thoughts to judge how others do or do not meet your needs in the moment, you use your thoughts to recognize the other’s beauty, and how this beauty is reflecting of the real you.
We are each pure consciousness, connected as one consciousness, creating collectively the manifestation of our collective words, thoughts and dreams.

My Want:

We are pure consciousness connected peacefully as one consciousness, creating consciously collectively the manifestation of our collective most beautiful dreams to the benefit of all that is.

Imagine if we each think positively about each other, we will heal and cleanse ourselves from diseases, viruses and parasites.
We will empower each other to be our best instead of complaining about others not meeting our personal expectations.

The consequences of positive thinking about each other are beyond most of our collectively accepted belief. I believe in magic because there is no magic: everything is possible, we live in a field of infinite possibilities, and WE make the magic happen!

Gratitude that You Are.