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BlackRock City Nevada The Man in 2011

Is it true?

I am alive right now.
I accept my existence and the existence of what is.

Is it possible?

As I accept existence, I allow myself to connect with my Self and what is: me, you and everything else.

Do you?

When I am connected I can act in the best interest of all, mine included.

Are you aware?

As a result of my actions I create my part of this life that we all share.

Can you feel it?

The sum of our creations is the collective manifestation of life, the life we share, right now.

Do you realize?

Only collectively can we manifest. Only conscious collectively can we manifest consciously, aware of our intentions.

Do we manifest consciously as one human body today….??? I let you answer that question haha

One word: Integrity

First, I choose to be honest with myself.Consciousness Awakening Manifestation

When your body hurts, do you listen to your mind to find out what to do, or do you feel what’s going on in your body to find out what’s happening?

I released the control of my body to my body a long time ago. Around the same time I committed to myself that my mind will always be honest with my body.

Who is in control of your body, your words and your actions? I believe that we are in control until we release that control to another source of control.

In our mind, which we humans generally believe is our brain, we have the ability to think. With our thoughts we take actions to create our reality. Agreed?

As a child I chose to always satisfy other people’s needs, and I neglected consciously my own needs and desires. In order to hide these slowly building frustrations, I came up with stories in my head as to why I didn’t need this or that. After a few years, the stories in my head were defining who I was, so I was telling my stories to people all the time.

Swimming with dolphins with Joan Ocean spinner dolphin encounterSounds familiar?

The stories became the standard of my life, constantly serving other’s needs.

I realize today that I was out of integrity with myself and with others. When I tell people stories, I manipulate people.

When I tell stories, I make up and control with my thoughts the architecture of the stories. My brain is constantly working to keep my reality alive, as I am the only one thinking it exactly the way I need it, to keep face. As a result, my synapses in the brain are firing 100 times more to keep up with the reality I create in my mind.

When I am present in the moment, fully accepting and at peace, not thinking about anything, nothing to worry about, then my synapses only barely fire, and I am still and even more aware of  what is going on…

You can imagine fireworks in your brain with all the thoughts pushing each other in all directions.

How could I hear myself in this chaos? How can I hear the only one voice of truth? “One” because there is only what is, and that is the one truth.

I have learned from Drunvalo Melchizedek ‘s meditation on moving the mind from my brain to my heaMultidimentional Consciousness Awakeningrt, to bring my awareness in my heart. In my heart I have discovered my center of power for decision making, this is where we make our own choices.

In the silence of my mind, and with the guidance of my heart’s choices, I am able to observe life.

When I observe life I discover that life has more to offer than my mind can conceive.

In the peace of my mind, I let my truth speak through me. When I communicate, I speak my truth, in integrity. There, I allow people communicating with me to make their own choices based on their truth, and with the knowledge of my truth.

Together, sharing collective truth, consciously, we manifest the life we experience together. During a recent adventure, I was able to share this collective experience of manifestation.

A year ago my dear friend Shannon, aka WiseRiver, had the urgent desire to satisfy a dream. Shannon wanted to go swim with cetaceans, whales and dolphins. Here is in Shannon’s own words how our Turquoise Bubble Pod was born.

Save Humans by Whales and Dolphins CetaceansWinter Solstice 2010, I saw a glimpse in my mind’s eye of being with the whales healing the oceans. My heart went out to want to do this: being with the whales and healing our oceans. I remembered a radio interview with Joan Ocean years ago that I heard in 2006. I googled her name and found her website and email. I emailed her my glimpse. She emailed back an amazing letter sharing with me that we can swim with Dolphins. At that point it started to become a reality. I asked my friend Virginia, an amazing Clairvoyant, to check the energy of actually doing this. She said, “Oh yes! a lot of Joy and I see a beautiful Turquoise energy (that’s how we got the Turquoise name.)

In january, I shared the idea with Janet, Linda and Benoit. They all loved it! This is serious now!  Meanwhile since Winter Solstice 2010, I had been sending daily long-distance Reiki to the oceans and all the Cetaceans. It was from Joan, Linda, Janet and Benoit, and my eventual “chance” meeting with Lama Zopa  who was doing an Ocean Puja in February 2011 (Tibetan New Year) on the Golden Gate Bridge that sealed the deal. I now believe our Pod of Healers have been called by the Dolphins and our galactic friends in Higher Vibrational Places. From that point, the rest of our TB Pod appeared.” (Click here for more on Shannon’s multiple healing talents)

When Shannon contacted me among a group of her close friends, she was clear in her intentions and took ownership of the process so all we had to do is to decide yes or no.From below the water to above the surface Spinner Dolphin jump and spins

In August 2011, eight of us made the commitment and showed up for a multidimensional, emotional and spiritual awakening experience. We call ourselves the Turquoise Bubble Pod.

Each of us viewed this journey to swim with dolphins as an adventure. We were drawn to connect with dolphins and share our unconditional love. We each brought our truth, uncertain of what to expect, while prepared for all possibilities.

We united our group intention with Joan Ocean and Jean Luc Bozzoli, who have long established contact with the cetaceans as part of their work on this planet. (Click here for more on Joan Ocean and Jean Luc Bozzoli)the clear waters of the big island allowed us a clear connection with spinner dolphins

Joan guided us to our dolphin connections, and we were welcome on our first outing by over a hundred wild spinner dolphins ready to play.

This instant connection extended our group collective consciousness, sealed by our group intention, to a new dimension of life. We felt that we tapped into the power of collective consciousness, with the ability to manifest consciously as a group.

We even have evidence! We took a series of group pictures with Joan at the SkyIsland Ranch, each picture having several orbs. To our amazement, in one of the pictures appeared a turquoise orb. We believe that we manifested consciously as a group, our turquoise bubble energy.

Group Consciousness Manifestation Turquoise Orb with Joan OceanI have certainly felt more confident since this powerful experience.

Each day I witness the speed of conscious manifestation.

The time between me formulating my need and the need being satisfied has become shorter and shorter, to the point of instantaneous, and eventually a need is satisfied before I even realize I have the need.

Only when I am at peace, when my thoughts only serve to maximize the moment, am I able to release my desires to the collective consciousness. In turn, our collective consciousness facilitates life to match our needs in the moment.

The clearer are my intentions the faster they manifest. It’s amazing, try it. Ask and you shall receive. It works!

I ended the summer at the Burning Man festival where with a group of 20 friends we put together a camp for a week in the Nevada desert. There again, I experienced collective consciousness — over fifty thousand people with their mind present in the moment. Without the everyday distractions of the news media, we were able to create daily the reality of our own choice consciously together.Water Pure Consciousness Manifestation

Today integrity is more than a necessity, it is a requirement.

We are all undergoing a fast transformation. Our reality has changed drastically in the past years, and even months.

I understand this shift to be part of our ascension to higher dimensional existence. We are moving from the 3rd into the 4th dimension and beyond.

As part of this transformation we are forced to live in integrity.

The energy shift that comes with a higher frequency of existence means that our thoughts now manifest much and much faster into our reality today.4 elements pure consciousnes rebirthing

As explained in this fascinating message transmitted by Rainey Highley and Jean Luc Bozzoli, our reality has shifted from a reality based on our belief system to an event based reality where we manifest what we focus on in the moment. (Click here for their message announcing the return of the dragon energy on earth)  

Our collective manifestation unites us, seals the bonds of humanity as one conscious being made of seven billion humans.

Once united, we are infinite.

In the infinite world of possibilities, we find us all together as one.

One consciousness, dividing itself to better experience.