Today, most of us believe that we are limited by our ego minds, in our ability to understand and accept the whole of reality.

Today, I believe that our common limited belief system blinds most of us from the magnitude of the transformation we are experiencing right now, on Earth alone.

Putting aside how much smarter kids become, the collapse of the world monetary system accompanied by the exposure of the corruption and abuse among our political and religious leaders, the explosion of super stars and special effects in the sports and entertainment world trying to get our attention on more media outlets than there are humans on the planet, the major earth changes, volcanic eruptions, and worldwide changes in weather patterns, what is going on with you?

Where do you put your focus?

Beyond the borders of the 3rd dimension, consciously, everything that has been, is and will be, exists right here right now.

Where we focus our minds becomes the reality we experience.

Whether conscious or unconscious, that is always our choice.

Many have already increased their fields of awareness tapping into multidimensional consciousness.

I, among many, only intend to support our global awakening, so we can, all together, get on with a fun, self sufficient, and efficient constructive life!

I accept all of us as we are.

I love our one life unconditionally.

Bring on your true self, let it be seen.

Face any fears to dissolve them.

Accept that when we are angry, we are first angry at our selves.

Accept that lies are first lies to our self.

Live in integrity with your Self.

Stand up in your power, project positive energy and attract what you love in your life.

Happy Human Independence!

Thank you.