I am myself Free from slavery

In the moment, I am.

Right now, I am.

Right now, You are.

We, our consciousness, always have been, always are and always will be.

I was born in this physical world like you.

My physical life started as an egg created in the ovary of my mother when she was a four month old fetus in my grandmother’s womb, like you.WildFlowerGoldenGateParkSanFrancisco

I breath, or I am being breathed?- depending on perspective, like you.

I nourish my body at all levels, like you.

I release unused energy and energy I create in all shapes and forms, like you.

I am in motion alternated with stillness, like you.

I came to exist on this beautiful earth, like you.

I am my mind, like you.

I am my body, like you.

I am my Higher-Self, like you.

I am my own self, like you.Fibernuci Manifesting in Coliflower

I am aware, more or less, like you.

I am conscious, sometime unconscious of my subconscious, like you.

I am one with all-that-is, like you.

I am, like you.

I am and we are.

I am free to be myself right now, like you.

I am a free being when I allow myself to be free, like you.

My mind is free to think whatever it wants, like you.

I consciously or unconsciously allow other individuals, outside thoughts, emotions, powers and forces to influence my thoughts, like you.

My heart manifests my thoughts, like you.

Wind Foam Beach Spirit LiverationI am human, like you. Humanity, according to ancient Sumerian tablets, is a life form created on earth around 300,000 years ago to be slaves for gold mining by an extra terrestrial race.

Our known history tells a series of patterns of slavery throughout the world.

Our world financial and governmental system until now has fed our needs to, like oiling the pieces of a machine, enable us to serve their needs better, one mass consciousness controlled by a minority consciousness.

Today, I am free to be, free to choose my needs, free to express my wants, free to express myself, like you.

In the moment, I am free from slavery.

I am free from the belief that in our DNA, in our soul, in our body, in the depth of our culture we were slaves.

I invite you to connect with your self with a simple breathing exercise, which is the foundation of meditation and hypnosis and the start of our physical and emotional relaxation:

Lie or seat comfortably, so every part of your body is resting comfortably without effort.

Start by focusing on your breathing. Become aware of the air that comes in and out of your mouth.Eagle Spirit Mediation Relaxation

When you are ready take a long and slow inhales through your nose, feeling the air going in through your nose, your sinus, into your throat down into your lungs, feel your lungs filling up from your stomach all the way to your chest.

Hold it for a few seconds, and slowly release it through your mouth, again feeling the air coming out of your lungs into your throat and out through your mouth, feeling your chest and stomach decompressing.
Repeat 5 times.

Now let your breathing happen in that slow comfortable rhythm.

Next, you are going to focus on each part of your body one by one.

Starting with your feet, or even your toes if you want to go through them one by one. Focus on your right foot then left foot if you want.
On the inhale, focus on that part of your body, and on the exhale, feeling your foot for example, feel your foot relaxing like it is going to sleep.
On the next slow inhale, move to the next part of your body, and repeat until your reach your head.

Mind Clarity Meditation Sun Waves Ocean Beach San FranciscoBy the time you reach your head, if you were tired laying on your bed you will most likely have fallen asleep, and this is the most efficient way of falling asleep for people with a raging mind that can’t sleep at night.

This is also a very efficient way to have a restful and reparative sleep, to wake up recharged.

If you stay awake through the exercise you will most likely experience numbness in your body, like your  body is asleep and you are still conscious. In this state, your consciousness is in your heart while your mind is asleep with your body. You are free to let your mind wonder and in that place you are free to explore your inner self, your body and travel through the astral world; you just have to be ready to jump and let your consciousness take you where your inner-Self wants to take you.Green Heart Chakra GoldenGate Park San Francisco

At all times, while awake, you are in full control, you can stop on demand, you are the master of your thoughts, you are one with yourself.

I am a powerful being with infinite powers beyond the comprehension of my mind, like you.

The curse of slavery is lifted and I am free to be, like you.

In the moment, I am, like you: We Are.