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The biggest fear of humanity is of us.

We are more powerful than our mind can conceive.

We know that we can control our body at a cellular level through our thoughts.

Deepak Chopra, in his recording of a Magical Mind, Magical Body, explains in a beautiful way that “our body is a multi-billion dollar chemical factory.” Our body can generate any chemicals it needs in any area which needs it, at the right time and in the right way, when we trust our body to do its job.

As I accept that my body can do more than my mind can conceive, I trust myself.
I accept that we live in a universe of infinite possibilities.

When I accept everything, I trust. When we trust, we hold no fears.
When we are at peace, other ‘s fears evaporate in a climate of trust.
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One of the steps I had to go through in order to accept life was to be present in that life in the first place. I spent most of my childhood with my mind in the clouds. When we live in our body, we are more conscious, aware of what is happening, within us and around us.

One of the best things my parents did for me as a child was to offer me weekly sessions with a therapist using the Method of Dr Vittoz, the Method of Conscious Acts.

As a child I used to lose everything that came in my possession. I learned that I lost what I was not aware of having, simply by not being aware of an object or event when it presents itself, because my mind and our minds go in a separate world of separate thoughts.

Through a series of simple exercises of focus, getting in touch with each of my senses, I was able to remember, and I simply became aware. From the Vittoz.org website:
“The Vittoz method proposes psycho sensory therapy. It aims to restore balance to a person to improve well-being by developing a state of awareness, an active attitude, and a feeling of freedom enabling one to improve ones attention, concentration, memory and to dispel most of the negative things that cause worries and stress. The website is also available French, Italian, German and Spanish.

spirituality, spirituality, spiritualityWith the gift of awareness, I have learned to trust and listen to my body. Through discipline, practice and meditation, I have now released the control of my body to my body.

At the Science and Consciousness Conference in April 2005, in Santa Fe, NM, I participated in early morning sessions of Nia with the founders of Nia.

The Nia technique “…empowers people to make their own movement choices…”  while following music and guidance. This was the closest experience to the full trust of my body. I have seen people’s self confidence increase greatly as a result. On the website you can find where local Nia classes are taking place, and you can even train to hold your own Nia classes.

The more I trust, the less I fear. The less I fear the more I trust.
The more I trust and listen to my feelings, the more I have confidence.
The more we have confidence, the more we have nothing to worry about.

Imagine, a day in total self-confidence!

We become true to ourselves, with pure intensions, and then we speak from our heart.