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Manifestation of lifeThank you! Thank you for your support and for allowing me to share my perspective on life. Each newsletter is an opportunity to push my boundaries, and I have been told, to open new doors of possibilities to many.

It is a pleasure to share the PangaeaProject.com platform with friends, and I am each time excited to share Lex’s book, and for the first time a message below from my dear friend David Monroe. Make sure to check Pangaeaproject.com for the references I shared, as well as information on friends who have made a positive difference in my life. They can make a difference in your life if you wish. All pages on the website are listed on the Archive page.

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Manifestation of lifeI have so far shared my visions on life acceptance and honesty with what is. Here below is a practical example of what I have experienced as a result of everything I share.

Two years ago, after 10 years of Yoga, during a meditation I committed my mind to be honest at all time with my body. A week later, during a meditation I then felt comfortable to release the control of my body to my body. My mind fully confides in the body. Ever since, I discover by accepting my feelings the power of my body, thanks to being honest with my Self.
Manifestation of Life we are all beautiful

With the gift spirit in the air, I have posted in the links/reference section of Pangaeaproject.com information on the Message Company, which organizes the Science and Consciousness conference I mentioned in earlier newsletters.
On their website you can find videos of presentations from people who I see as today’s world visionaries.
Are you ready to explore new horizons, are you ready to find answers to questions you always had even though they seem to not make sense? Are you ready to increase your awareness? Do you have friends who would?
manifestation of lifeI recommend subscribing to the Visionary DVD club, or pick and choose your subjects one video at a time. It is refreshing to observe new perspectives on life, and you might learn some very useful tips on life.

Click here for more on the Message Company.

Now, when the spirits are lighting up, at the time when we show our love to others, I am happy to let my dear friend David Monroe, who I thanked in a previous newsletter for his support, share his holiday wish with us:


Most all religions and spiritual traditions in the world postulate that we are all one.

If this is true, there are some very practical consequences.

If we are all one, the following statements are logically true:

Whatever I do to you, I do to myself.

If I love you, I love myself.

If I hurt you, I hurt myself.

If I am kind to you, I am kind to myself.

If I am kind to the planet, I am kind to myself.

If I am disruptive to the planet, I am disruptive of myself.

At this holiday season, it is helpful to keep these truths in mind.

The “Holiday Spirit” embodies these understandings.

May we maintain this awareness throughout the year in all our affairs.

David Monroe

Manifestation of Life

Manifestation of Life