I am fascinated by new perspectives that open their doors daily.

As an observer I am aware. New perspectives become available as I expand my awareness.

As a human being I am aware of my own mind, my own body, my own existence.

As a human being among human beings I am aware of your and everyone else’s existence.

As one, we all co-exist.

As individuals, we have a chance to be thanks to the fact that we co-exist.

We need the earth to be born, that’s a start.

Again, I am fascinated by new perspectives that open their doors daily.

As an observer, in the silence of my mind, I am aware of how others operate with several distinct personalities and sometime identities. Most of us on earth today assume multiple personalities, each to face the dominating environments in our life.

I can behave and think like a child when present with my mother.

I can speak diplomaticaly with authority in a professional environment.

I can be 100% myself with close friends and relatives.

These are all me, being and adapting to my environment.

I am fascinated when I become aware of other’s true intentions in their actions, and not as painted by any of their personalities.

As we co-exist, today, we have been programmed to survive.

Some want to survive by being better than others, some want to protect themselves, some want to earn a lot of money, some just want to survive no more no less, some think they need to kill, some would rather die, and some just are, or so our mind is programmed to function in this life.

Well, there is good news! We are here to be!

Surviving means that I am afraid that I may not live.

The good news is that together we can be without fear, as we are here for each other!

Today, I am fascinated by the new perspectives that come from our awakening connectedness.

Today I feel our one co-existence manifesting itself as one around me and through our physical, spiritual and technical webs.

I am only talking about us awakening from a subconscious life to a conscious life.The formula is simple.

Today we are able to be ourselves in the world with less restrictions, traditions, rules of conduct, and fears of reprimand.

As we all become more our individual selves, we simply start to focus more on what we truly want: who we are, how we want to live this life in our world community, what we want to do when we wake up and through our waking life, how we can have fun creating together.

Our coexistence becomes an art. We are each artists consciously creating a better life for all of us in the moment.

Well, we are all waking up, slowly and surely.

Our reality is expanding to new realms that our little minds have a hard time grasping.

We however can all feel feelings.

Naturally we tend to want to reproduce pleasant feelings and avoid unpleasant feelings.

As I keep feeling pleasant feelings, I let go of controls, expanding my awareness, and new perspectives open their doors daily.

I love this moment we call life and everyone in it.

Thank you for sharing!

Benoit Le Chevallier