Consciousness AwakeningAs the earth energy vibration amplifies and accelerates, we have now a chance to unleash our powers and each discover who we are and where we, humans, come from.

  1. Now, we exist, all born conscious beings with various levels of awareness.
  2. We connect with each other in our coexistence.
  3. Through our connections we adapt to each other and life around us.
  4. Through our adaptation process we take actions.
  5. Our actions lead to our artful or scientific creations.
  6. The collective of our creations manifests as our common reality.
  7. Our shared reality unites us through our common belief that holds our existence as we know it.
  8. Together, united, we are infinitely powerful.

From my heart and throughout my body: I feel, while using my mind to observe the life manifestation of my feelings.

I am without boundariesReflection of our infinite light

Only in my mind exist the limits of the experience of one moment.

My mind can only focus on one thing at a time.

All is possible right now.

All exists as a possibility waiting for my Self to pick it and manifest it as a reality.

I am infinitely powerful.

I am right now.

I love unconditionally, allowing all that is to be.

I live unbounded cherishing all potential available to me and you.

One ConsciousnessWe are. They? Who is “they”? “They” is not me  and we are all one so “they” does not exist, other than as a creation of my ego mind, trying to separate.

Now, I cherish that which is possible should I choose it.

I love that which is, which is part of me and you and that which we all are as one.

I allow all possibilities to be, freeing my mind from boundaries.

I welcome each possibility as a reality waiting for a choice to be.

Choices are ours to make in the moment at all times.

Choices are our rights, our powers, our freedom, our responsibility, and are endless.

Consciously making choices each moment is the key to accessing and activating our infinite powers.

Liberation from fate, opening up to free will, changing, or simply writing our destiny with infinite possible outcomes, always intending for a better experience for us all.

From Simulation to Real LifeManifestation from conscious thoughts

We have been operating our bodies from a simulation center, our mind.

We are now allowed to move into the heart of our life operation center, where all decisions are made.

As a child I sailed on sail boats frequently, and with time I adapted to the elements. I could see the wind coming, I could stand on deck in a storm, i could aim at an imaginary point on the horizon.
Similarly, the captain of a ship knows how to read the elements, and can make decisions that will bring the ship to its destination with the support of the elements.

The captain cannot control the elements by him or herself.

I have to release control as I alone cannot control everything that is.

When I am one with everything that is, I only need to set intentions to the benefit of what is and my intentions manifest into the reality we experience without control, only trust.

Consciousness Awakeningcontrol notPower of the moment

Set intentions, goals: a destination

Infinite possibilities

Now, how do you operate your ship today?

Who controls your thoughts?

Who decides for what your life should be?

Who sets the direction for your actions?

How much of your life do you understand?

How much do you rely on others?

How much do you rely on humanity?

How much do you rely on the earth?

How much do you rely on the elements?

How much do you rely on your senses?

How much do you rely on your inner-visions? Do you?

Ascension and rebirthInner-Visions

Having operated from our simulation center, our mind, we have taken the simulations for granted, while our inner-visions, our visions of reality are buried in the noise of our constant flow of thoughts.

In the center of our brain is the pineal gland, which has the same physical structure as our external eyes, and which is our telescope into life beyond time and space. We have access to the holograph of the universe.

I have read about it, I have written about it and I experience it. This is the same principle that is used in the scientific field of Remote Viewing. This is very real.

The data that we access through our 3rd eye translates into visuals, sounds, feelings, smell, heat or cold, humidity or dryness, and experiences.

With our constant distractions coming from our dependence on all types of media, technology, instruments, and conflicting belief systems, we have lost touch with our 3rd eye.

Why do you think the existence of our 3rd eye has been one of the most kept secrets in history?

What is the Eye on the Pyramid on the One dollar bill?

Who controls that 3rd eye today?Awakening Consciously

Why are gurus, psychics, mediums and tarot readers in growing demand today?

What would you do if you could know what has, does and will happen beyond your limited field of perception right now?

We all can, and now is our chance to turn on all our senses, by simply being conscious observers.

We are responsible for our actions, so I embrace my life today, I take conscious ownership of my choices, as their manifestation impacts all of us, like yours do, as we are all one consciousness.

Shine bright!