Unconditioned Energy from Solar Eclipse

While experiencing the full solar eclipse on may 20th near Mt Shasta, California, at the foot of Mt Lassen,  I strongly felt and perceived a pure burst of unconditioned energy.

As energy beings we share our life in a web of energy flows.

We are moved by energy; energy that flows in and around us and energy that emanates from within us.Solar Eclipse Ring reflected in the reflection of the sun light

We are united in this exchange of energy, as energy, life in motion, strings of vibrations, is unbounded.

As a result this influx of unconditioned energy has penetrated our united and unbounded energy field.

Pure energy is perceived in our heart, where we find our connection to truth, to life that just is, before any judgments are ever made.

TMt Shasta Unconditioned Energy Humanity Awakening to Self Onenesshis pure energy flow has connected with all of our united hearts, bringing a feeling of peace.

With peace in our hearts, when the mind relinquishes the control, our beliefs and intentions manifest in harmony.

All we need to change life for all on the planet is to make peace with our Self, to welcome peace in our heart.

When we find peace, we awaken humanity to its one heart, opening the doors of collective conscious creation, taking our individual potential to new horizons.Cocreating, manifestation of consciousness

United with one peaceful heart we heal all sickness, we live without secrets, we expand our consciousness.

United we live with one heart beat.

United we are each one with our consciousness and together we expand our awareness.

Now we are ready to explore the new realms of higher dimensional existence.

Now our lives change at exponential speed and our mind cannot keep up, too much to focus on at once, too much to process for the mind to get the full picture.

Birth of Life Infinite PossibilitiesSo we just need to trust, and to trust it just takes moving our awareness inside our heart.

Our united hearts vibrating and beating together, sharing unconditioned true life energy, give us now the power to transcend all our challenges, and awaken to the dreams we thought were only wishes, when they are the very life that manifests from our thoughts.

Welcome to infinite possibilities.Blue, Throat Chakra, expressing our feelings

Eclipse picture from Victor.  Nature pictures from Daryl.

 With this message I thank all who today allow me to feel part of a community, alive and growing: Daryl and Ellix, Gail, Shannon, Mack, Franz, Sean, Sean, David, Yossi, Aaron, Andrea, Michi, Jasha, Tanya, Tim, Finn, Sumeet and Menghan, and so many more.