43000 view from Private JetI adapt.

From the moment I am conceived I adapt to my living environment.

I am. I accept my existence.

I accept that others exist too and I connect.

Now, I adapt.

I observe to adapt consciously.

I close my eyes and I adapt blindly, unconsciously.

Like the captain of a ship adapts to the sea, we adapt to life’s energy currents each step of the way.
With our deep encoded programming from childhood, we navigate as has been taught to us in real life experiences, words and actions.Bahamas Island Chain

When we avoid who we really are, shame of our weakness or false modesty of our strength, we steer our ship into the troubled water out of our natural smooth path. We literally disrupt our connection to life’s energy grid and loose part of its support.

Each experience out of our path is meant to teach us a skill that allows us to stay on path.
We adapt to life’s currents by finding our way in and around them.

Now, what happens to a ship when the lonely captain falls asleep, day dreams, and gets lost in distractions? If the captain knows where he or she is and knows his or her status then he or she can afford the risk. If the captains takes him or herself  and surroundings for granted, the currents will decide the captain’s fate.

Adapt or be adapted.

We each exist with our own identity.

I allow others to be who they are.

I allow others to have what I perceive as their strengths or weaknesses.

I allow others to be and I adapt to them.

Storm Sunset BahamasIn relationships I have learned to adapt to my partners and to my friends.  At first I fell into the common trap of trying to change my friend or partner to be what I want him or her to be. As a result I was forcing people to be someone else than who they were.

Ultimately I found free will the key to partnership. I do what I want, and you do what you want, and when we want the same thing, we are partners. With free will I choose to adapt.

I learn from others and grow when I adapt.

We take things for granted like a car, a complex assembled piece of machinery. We expect it to fit our comfort and needs, forgetting the work required to allow us to have cars. Here we have a chance to appreciate the effort of others and adapt to another’s genius, being thankful.

Same with eating, recently I went through a phase of eating only dates and raw almond/hazelnut butter for dinner for over a month. I heard from several that it was too much sugar. My experience is that the dates and nuts contain nutritional value for a whole meal, providing to the body only what it needs for being satiated and ready for endurance, ask the Bedouin in the Sahara desert how he adapts to life in the desert.

We want one thing and there is already a better solution out there, this I say is worth adapting to.Bahamas Lagoon

As I adapt unconditionally, I trust others to be themselves, to make the mistakes they make and to deliver their own magic, consciously and unconsciously.

As I adapt to others I make it easier for others to adapt to me.

Adapt or be adapted.

Recently in an article in a major US newspaper, I read about India, having “a power starved economy.” For thousands of years, India has functioned without electricity, on human and nature born power, like the rest of the world.

Who adapts to what?

Has India lost its power? Have people lost their power?

Are we replacing our power with electricity?

What are we adapting to?

Are we being adapted while we are distracted?

California Desert SunsetI adapt consciously, do you?

As I have no TV I have all this time on my legs to connect with real people, which allows me to adapt to other lives and heal and grow together, all as one.