Sunset Dreams come trueI believe
There is a change.
I believe yes the old ways are evaporating.
We are transforming back to our original self.

We are creating our reality from our heart more by the day

Releasing what is not our want and inviting in our life what we want.

Whoever are the minds that orchestrated recent massacres, they have triggered an awakening by going for our hearts.

In our hearts we know what we want and we know who we are.Fall leaf color transformation

From within our hearts, we find the connection to our true self and to all others.

Connected by our hearts, we find ourselves as one.

I am Charlie, I am a policeman.
I am the President of my country, I am the Pope, I am the Imam, I am the Communist leader of my union and I am my country’s leader of a Nationalist party, I am the dictator.
I am the killer.

We are all one.
No one can escape.

We are all one, we are all each other, beyond race, beyond life form, beyond all physical limitations.

Only with inner peace can our walls of separation dissolve.

Only with self integrity can we invite harmony into our life.

Only present and aware in the moment can we act to the benefit of all.

Only with open minds and open hearts can we wake up as one.

Rising above the fog in San FranciscoI focus on what benefits life for us all.
I follow my heart.
I am aware of your heart, your energy, your existence.
In the moment I am connected to you.
In life, I am you and you are me.

I just live my purpose and you live your purpose.

Together our purposes join to make our one life better.

What is better? Whatever makes you feel good 🙂

Happy 2015. Happiness in your heart, peace in our one heart, may your dreams come true.


Benoit Le Chevallier