This post is the 2nd part of 9. Part 3 will be: 3. I Adapt.
If you missed part 1: 1. In the moment, I am. Unchaining the heart.

California Landers Sunset Trail I CONNECT

I CONNECT with you right now as you read and you CONNECT with me.

You CONNECT through the Internet to all.

WE CONNECT right now or do you?

Are you connected with your Self?


Life once I live mine is amazing. Every day I wake up with the feeling of another amazing day, full of surprises.

From my awareness of existence, once I am fully aware of my Self, fully accepting of my Self and myself, I have a clearer awareness of life outside of me; me, you or anyone.

With that clearer awareness I find the entry points to connect.California San Franciso Beach Black and White

I CONNECT by tuning in to a frequency.


We connect with words, with looks, with touch, with shared experiences, with money, with sex.

Our energy fields in physical closeness merge.

For the longest time I wondered why I fall in love with everyone I connect with sexually. And, at the same time love for people close to my heart grows as well. I have to say I was very confused. How was it possible, other than everything is possible?

Popy Field California Desert BloomOne day a door opened in my heart and my mind made peace with love, accepting that love is the frequency of life, the vibration of motion that keeps us all connected, all one. This means to me that love is everywhere, that we are all connected by love.

I have read from others the same vision as mine that relationships are based on how we complement each other and not on love since love is there for everyone.

So what I keep experiencing is simply the feeling that comes from connecting physically, sexually and energetically.
When the connection is established, I get to experience the physical feeling of life, a release of the body in the flow of universal energy.

We connect, every day, every moment.

Innocent children connect with each other like puppy dogs sniff everything, connecting with the outside world to discover it.Popy Field California Desert Bloom Closeuo

In our modern societies we have suppressed our innate desire to connect, due to our fears to be judged.

Today, we have the opportunity to be free again to connect.

We connect with each other through the Internet more than we have in person in most likely thousands of years.

Today we connect across borders and all classification is lost.

We are connected as one.

I start right now getting in touch with my feelings, then my awareness shifts outside of my body and connects with energy outside of me.

San Francisco Ocean Beach Waves Black and WhiteLike my body connects with water when I jump in a cold pool, my ego with pride shows no emotions to the shock. As a result the energy I released, loaded with whatever feeling I held when shocked, finds a place of storage in the body until I am ready to process it.

Our body has been a mega-giga storage unit of unprocessed emotions.

And so what happens to this unprocessed energy? Energy is constantly in motion, and like water it follows the path of least resistance, unless consciously channeled…

When i am connected I learn to channel.

Connect with a friend and energy is channeled between cores, surrounding energy flows and energy aimed at you, like voices and physical acts.San Francisco Cherry Blossom

In love we actively channel heart to heart.

With joined intentions living as one heart we co-create perfection and especially we act, we create, together connected we grow better right now as one.