Spring Flower Gargen MixThe time separating our thoughts from our actions -triggered by those thoughts- is the only obstacle between us and our conscious creation.

When our words intend action and no action follows, the energy generated by our words disperses in all directions.

Our inaction creates a void that leaves room for other energies to take over, and the resulting creation is the manifestation of others’ thoughts and actions.

The life that we all share right now is the creation of our actual common actions.Spring Red Tulip from Top

Who decides today for your actions?

How do your actions influence the collective creation we experience today as life?

There are no more protocols needed to dictate our actions.

Imagine a day when all people consciously allow others to be who they are, replacing judging with observing, and accepting people as they are: a day of self acceptance and unconditional love.

Imagine a day when we are liberated and we awaken our creative spirit. We all share the same experience so we connect and unite our energies. Now, our collective mind is blooming with our combined creativity, leading to the manifestation of our most cherished dreams.

As we are pure in our original human design, we can trust in our mind and need in our heart our most beautiful dreams to become our collective creation.

We live at an amazing moment in the continuum.

 Spring Fire Orange FlowerLife has reached such a rate of acceleration that already many are reporting to me how fast their desires and needs are met, just by thinking about what they need.

Choose a moment, and start to allow all to be, with unconditional love.

I share my passion for life with you. Share yours 🙂

When we act we spend energy.

When we act we swim in the flow of all combined actions; we create a new energy flow adding to the universal ocean of energy.

Action leads to Creation, the result of our life in motion.

Action re-purposes energy with our intention of the moment. The re-purposed energy is our creation.Spring Flowers Marguerites France

Now a question remains: in which reality do you manifest your creation?

We have two main active reality matrices on earth.

One Matrix is an artificial creation, the old protocol of politics, money, sport, religion and entertainment, that give our minds artificial reasons to be.

Then there is a natural matrix, the Earth Matrix connected to all universal matrices.

Matrices are connections of energy sources that create a grid, providing a structure for life to grow from.

Animals are connected to the Earth Matrix. That is why they feel earthquakes coming, and know to go to higher elevations before a tsunami hits.

The Earth Matrix is primarily maintained by whales in the oceans and elephants on earth. (For reference, do a search for “christine page  earth grid”)

Spring Flower Mix Heart Shape FlowersSo in which matrix do you act, in which matrix do you create and in which matrix does it manifest?

The answer is all of the above.

The difference is in which matrix your focus is, where you put your awareness.

Then, the only thing that matters is where our consciousness is focused: in that focus manifests our creations.

Create consciously, and master your manifestations.