Light Sunset Manifestation PeacefulnessThree months have passed since the last newsletter, 2010 is already in motion, and I feel still in the same moment. For three months, I got to experience the power of conscious manifestation.

First, I started writing three pages of automatic writing journal in the morning, writing about the day ahead, blessing all, friends,  family, colleagues, etc., food, earth, sun, life, etc. and describing a day of efficiency, creativity, where we all benefit of the experiences of the day.
Detached from the outcome, I get to experience my writing’s manifestation, and live a day full of surprises where matters resolve themselves faster and  faster.

The impact on my life is a fast transition to a new life where I get to experience my dreams which now are reality. I moved to a new place, joining forces with my friend Lex, in a loft in San Francisco that we call, “The Lotus”. Our Temple of the Mountain Where Birds Fly Standing.Crystal Loft Lex Lightning Benoit Le Chevallier

Our shared home vibrates from the large collection of crystals spread consciously through the house to create our own grid, allowing creation to blossom. What I have discovered as a result is that I am slowly shifting my consciousness from my mind in my head to my heart, our true connection with each other and everything that is.

Most of humanity’s consciousness moved from our heart to our pineal gland during phases of illumination, thousands of years ago when we became aware of our mind, 300 years ago in Europe the Years of Illumination or the birth of intellectualism. Point Reyes Vegetation Connecting with NatureCentered in the skull, our consciousness immersed in our mind took over control, within a perspective detached from the outside reality, only using our three eyes and our four other basic senses to witness the world. Our world has only existed in our head, trying to find a place in the outside world. We have lived in fear of what we Think we can’t control.

World leaders have consciously kept our pineal gland, our third eye, blind so we have been in the dark, disconnected from what our heart can feel, is part of and creates, our reality.

Point Reyes Patterns Clouds  Heart ConnectionRecognizing the patterns in our life, in our history, in nature, on the earth, in our solar system, in our galaxy, in the universe, in multiple dimensions, in one point in space and time, yes we can.

Our mind may not conceive the magnitude of infinite potentiality, our Self, pure consciousness, one connected with all that is, infinitely potent.

How much is needed to have a thought present in the mind during the pure awareness of an experience?

How much do we have to know to allow what we don’t know, to be?

How much do we control what we know and what we don’t know?

Is what we know or don’t know any different if we know or don’t know about it?

How much can you deal with in your current state of existence?

I choose to release my control to the collective consciousness.

Lex and I, partnering to share our individual and mutual visions with the world, support each other’s growth and awakening. We consciously live in total honesty, with ourselves, with each other, and with all we encounter. In the safe comfort of the “Lotus” I am, as a result, able to release all my wants, all my desires, all my dreams and all my control, to the universe and to the collective consciousness to receive freely the help that comes to me in infinite forms and beautiful surprises.Sun Light through Darkness Point Reyes Manifestation

The best example is how Lex and I found the Lotus. We both stated verbally what our dream home needs to have for now and found it online within five minutes. I then released all control, having only stated my desires. I then released those desires and let Lex take charge. We both knew in our heart we had found our new home, and like magic, all availability, coordination of 3 moving locations, scheduling and financial obstacles evaporated and within two weeks we were in the “lotus”. This is when I realized the end of my patterns of challenges, and started a new cycle of fun, manifesting my dreams in the moment, faster than ever before.

My wish for 2010 is to end our human made destructive cycles and start a new cycle using heart communication, allowing us to manifest our most beautiful dreams.
My ultimate dream is to share the feeling of pure consciousness, pure existence, unconditional love, that only with a physical body we can feel.

Awakening the Heart Human Consciousmess

For those experienced with meditating, CLICK HERE for a powerful meditation “The Unity Breath”, published by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book: “Living in the Heart”. This meditation will bring you closest to a state of oneness, allowing you to connect with all that is.

For those of you already living in your heart, I enjoy our connection right now.

I am ready to share my nine steps to oneness, starting with the next newsletter: Step 1: I AM.

I love you, do you love yourself?

Move your consciousness to your heart and let the magic begin.