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I also feel more ready to talk about our real life that we think is not real, when what we think is real is actually not real.

Anapolis Chasepeak Bay Sept 1988

We all are one perspective of the whole of what is.

We exist all connected together as the whole of what is, as one.

Whether a plant, a rock, a human, an animal, a fire or an ocean, a star or a planet, a galaxy or a molecule, and any other infinitely possible life forms, we all co-exist, as one.

One consciousness manifests itself in infinite forms to experience itself, life.

Oneness creates us as a dream.

We are all dreams.

We are the manifestations of those dreams.

We are a dream. Our life is a dream.

Only when we accept that we are a dream, can we become one with that dream.

We exist as Energy.

Energy is motion.Siagnole Callian Noel 1988

We are organized concentrations of Energy with the ability to manifest as needed.

We have full control of the energy when we are connected as one.

We create through our actions, physical or metaphysical in the universal oceanic flow of Energy.

Our reward for being human is to experience and feel the Energy flow like dolphins feel the ocean.

We have, right now, full control of our lives, through our actions, inactions and thoughts.

Nature has created us with the gift of feeling, with developed sensory perceptions like vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and more.

Oneness is constant genesis, a unique moment recreating itself constantly, creating motion in stillness.

We are a creation of Oneness so that the whole of what is can feel through us.

All we need is be aware of our feelings and senses, the rest just happens.

Our consciousness allows us to experience a life that we control at a subconscious level, consciously or unconsciously, like a captain of a ship.

We, humans, control the ship, not the Ocean.

Glacier Alpes Briancon Ete 1989The Ocean is a larger, higher, bigger manifestation of life than humans.

We humans are influenced by higher, bigger, other manifestations of life (and smaller too.)

We humans influence smaller, lower manifestations of life (and bigger too.)

We humans influence life, and when we are purely ourselves we support life with our inner strength of Self.

When we are honest with ourselves we are honest with others.

When we accept ourselves as we are, we accept others as they are.

When we respect ourselves, we respect others.

When we have fun ourselves, we have fun with others.

When we are ourselves others are themselves, all connected as one.

With the gift of feeling of life, we have the choice right now, to be aware that we are, all connected, as one.Martinique 1987

With the power of one, consciousness experiences infinite possibilities.

Now I ask you, was our body created to sit on a couch pushing buttons on a remote control watching a screen with pictures and sound?

(To Be Continued)