To accept ourselves unconditionally we need to be honest with our Self.

Once we have accepted ourselves, and we are honest with ours Self, then what?Awakening to Oneness

Training for life is to be our own dream.

We become aware of us, the dream.

We accept the dream and become one with the dream.

When we connect with the Self, we connect with oneness.

We ultimately all influence and support each other’s lives.

Everything we need right now is available right now.

We are all gifted with our unique abilities that allow us to deal with life, participate in life and be alive, as a dream of one consciousness.

Zabriskie Point Death ValleyWe have food available anywhere to survive, if we act to produce or find it.

We have water available to drink if we act to access it and keep that water pure.

We have the ability to influence the cellular formation of water with our thoughts.

We have the power to create our life.

I just focus on what I want, as all there is just is. What isn’t just isn’t.

Florida KeysI focus on what is, one with life.

Life is beautiful. I choose to experience its purity.

I leave to who needs it to experience not wanting. Again life is, so life only knows what is, and when we ask for what we don’t want we get it, we subconsciously say that we want it.

Ubehebe Crater Death ValleyDo you know what you want?

Do you know what you need?

Do you have what you need?

To do what?