Berkeley Sun Piercing Awakening ManifestationI am born into the physical world to experience and feel life.

Life starts with motion.

The universe starts the life process with the primal sound at the source of it all with motion.

Motion creates a wave, and that wave eventually reflects on itself breaking into multiple waves each with a unique pattern.

We can see the wave as light, a limited perception we have from the 3D perspective of higher dimensional manifestations.Tree Trunk Universal Web Life Manifestaion

We can feel and we can hear the sound created by each unique wave frequencies.

Across 11 dimensions or more, wave frequency patterns cross each other and create the multi-dimensional web of life.

The primary wave delegates the creation of other waves each time a new wave is created. The creation process is infinite and breathing in and out from total existence to universal stillness.

This web is perfect. Every unique part of the web plays its part at the right moment and place, the right way, and with the right elements.

Orange Rose Stillness in Motion ManifestationThrough our universal web connection we have access to the entire universe’s library.

First, we have to be aware of our Self existence.

Then we accept the existence of what is.

At that point life is a field of infinite potentiality, and the information we need is there at all times, we just need to be aware. We have the tools to search the universal library.

The library is open indefinitely, the library card is free and paperless, and the access is granted to who wants to access it.

The door is in our body and is open and it appears when we silence our thinking machine and let the mind be the communication tool it is, to send the instantaneous thought of our question and receive the instantaneous answer from the universal web library.

The answer manifests in whichever way we are meant to receive it, be it a thought, a feeling, a vision, a sound or other sensation.Berkeley Sun Trees Life Light Manifestation

So we are connected as one with each our own unique purpose in the constant creation process, we have everything we need and love, we are where we need to be at the right moment, we are doing our best at all times, everything happens for a reason, so why worry about any of it?


We are only controlling when we are aware of our actions and their effects.

Judgmental rambling thoughts are a form of action that manifest in one way shape or form or dimension.

The awareness starts by recognizing the existence of those judgment thoughts.

The key to replacing judgment is unconditional love and acceptance.

Berkeley Eucalyptus Manifestation OnenessI understand that judgments I place are projections of my own life, from positive to negative, onto others.

Projections reflect ourselves for others to see, sending out an energy that will manifest, our creation power at work.

The best I can do is to be at peace and let love come through me.

In the moment I share peace with all who I encounter.

I wish all to awaken to the support life offers, unconditional love.

You are full of love.