Time to introduce you to my friend Lex, who wrote the book published, in parts, with the first eight Pangaeaproject.com newsletters.

Enabimnio will soon be release online at Enabimnio.com

If you haven’t read it yet, now is the best time, as you can read it in one flow within five to ten minutes. Again, we recommend to only just keep on reading. The succession of the pages creates the flow of the text.

Lex PhotoFor me, Lex is a multi talented friend who has accepted one day to be my spiritual adviser (spiritual = pure life), and his first action was to allow me to experience the true meaning of listening to others and observing without judgment or interference. Many other lessons followed.

Lex and I have since developed a close cooperation in our spiritual awakening and we both wish to share our discoveries with the same passion for life.

Here is the beginning of Lex’s intro to himself and his books.

I would like to start off by thanking Benoit for allowing me to share my work on this website and to thank all of you who have been reading from my first book, “Enabimnio” during the past few weeks.

Full Moon Rise over Los Angeles 2005I first began writing a series of books, that Benoit has introduced here, exactly two years ago when I had a sudden moment of clarity that began a healing journey which continued to this day. I was reading “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Luiz when I got a “hit” to go outside and read the book aloud. “Kinda weird”, I thought but I felt so strongly about this there was no question about doing it. While walking across the 6th street bridge from East LA towards my home in downtown Los Angeles, I read the book aloud while wondering whether the passing drivers thought that I might be a bit dimwitted for reading along with my moving lips.

As I read, the sound of my own voice began to irritate me…” For the rest of Lex’ introduction, click here

Next, here is the continuation from the previous Pangaeaproject.com newsletter.

We ARE – Manifestations of one consciousness – Oneness (Continued)

One ConsciousnessWe have a body to experience life to the fullest, and we have been asleep!

We are awakening to the infinite powers of pure consciousness.

Some of us are afraid of dealing with the amount of energy that is available to us to create, to be our true Self.

Most of us are afraid of ourselves, who we truly are.

Our bodies have been asleep, we are like super computers used to add one and one.

Our bodies need training to receive the energy flow and have the ability to use that energy or the body will fail like with a high voltage jolt.

We are gifted with feelings that tell us what our body needs.

We have the choice to feel and let our body manifest the action triggered by that feeling.

We have the choice to observe our feelings.

We have the choice to manifest our feelings by our actions.

We manifest our feelings by our actions.

We are our actions.

We are action.

We are.

I am.