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During my recent trip from France to the US, I counted that I had to prove that I am myself 12 times, including giving 10 digital finger prints and a picture of my face at the airport. My judgment is that I, as an individual, am not to be trusted instinctively for being myself. By who? A system, individuals, relatives, friends, colleagues, strangers, others?

Moorea Sunset Light PrevailsDo I trust myself? That is the first question I ask.
Am I honest with myself?
Once at peace, I live free of worry.

Accepting life as it is, unconditionally, is the first step to honesty.

The moment has come for us to regain trust in our self, our Self, ourselves, in humanity as a unit of life, and ultimately in universal oneness.

What is there to lie about?
What is there to hide?
What is there to feel guilt?
What is there to be ashamed of?
I believe “nothing”, except to our self.

Every instance of self deception eventually manifest in our lives, the most common way is in the form of sickness.
I have noticed how self deception becomes a second nature as our ego fights to maintain our projected image. This image becomes more important than our own life, our Self.

Why should I pretend to be somebody else than myself? As I wrote in my 2005 wish, when I am myself, I allow others to be themselves, and here I find peace.Maldives Sunset Light Prevails

I hear people in public places, at dinners and gatherings, so rarely do I hear people sharing their passion.
I am happy that many of my close friends have recently found their paths, and excel at their passion for life. Many want to share, and this is very good news.

Everything we do is meant to happen.
Our actions have a reason.
So I choose to forgive myself, then I can forgive others.

When unresolved, every traumatic experience in our life keeps a part of our self until resolved.

Can you remember every traumatic experience in your life that needs forgiveness?
How many childhood related experiences still live in your mind with a bitter taste? All it takes is one. Drowning those memories in addictions to distractions only keeps them buried, allowing them to grow like a seed.

Maldives Sunset Light PrevailsThere are numerous therapeutic methods from our scientific fields of psychiatry, psychology or psychotherapy that either lead to the use of prescribed medication that numb us from feeling, or endless therapies that allow our ego to make itself feel better.

There are ancient shamanic methods of past life regression and soul retrieval that result in deep healings, one past experience at a time.

And today, there are soul retrieval methods that allow for instant forgiveness and in-mass soul retrieval and reintegration.

We have to reclaim all those parts of ourselves that we have left behind because of the fear to face those related events.
We have to become our full selves again.

Dawn ClarkDawn Clark, in her book “Gifts for the Soul”, explains the importance of soul retrieval, and shares with the world: “Through true stories, case studies and exercises, Dr. Clark reveals “The Gifts”, a series of dynamic images that elicit energetic responses which empower you to heal core life issues as well as underlying causes for physical ailments.
Dawn is a friend and in her work and person I have witnessed the simplicity and efficiency of self healing.

We can also put our focus in our heart. From the depth of our true self, send an unconditional wish of forgiveness aimed at all life forms that have affected our life or whose life we have affected. In the end, since we are all one, we are forgiving our self.Moorea Sunset Light Prevails

Eventually, we will reach the ultimate forgiveness: forgiving ourselves for thinking that we need to forgive, as there has always been nothing to forgive in the first place, everything is meant to happen.

Then we can move on with our life, and what a life.
We are in an accelerating phase of global transformation and now is the moment to connect with our real life that has been going on while we lived in fantasies to satisfy our ego.

Being Myself Giving Freely

I accept life.

I am honest with myself.

I live in harmony with all of life.

Welcome to our true life.