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We are who we are, each with our own soul, body, mind, spirit, all connected as one.
We are each a manifestation of the whole of what is, the universe, pure consciousness.
We are each the manifestation of a dream.
We start to exist when we own that dream, then we can create that dream into reality through our actions and thoughts.
By first accepting our existence, we open the doors of true existence, our Self.

So, it’s ok to be me, it’s ok to be us, to be yourself, to be our Self, to be ourselves.
Within ourselves resides our purpose in life, accompanied by our individual talent.
We each have a role to play, whether our ego mind likes or not.

We can swim with the current, in line with our individual power, or we can move randomly unaware of the current, trying to be someone else than who we are. With our actions, we influence each other; and, we live in an ocean of life, with humans, animals and infinite other known and unknown life forms.

Such as when we are to put our own oxygen mask on before helping others in an airplane, we can now connect our life to the energy sources of life and become fully available to help others. When all parts of our self become one, we allow energy to flow into us, through us and from within us.

Like a dolphin in the ocean, one with the elements, aware and connected, able to swim freely, in the smoothest possible way, with the support of the ocean.

When we accept our talent, our passion becomes our action. A life of creation using our best abilities, free from expectations, and with the support of life within and outside of us.

We are ourselves when we are present in the moment.Isolated Cloud in Sedona

I have a simple method to stop my thoughts and come back to the moment, at any time:

1. I find a point of focus, anything from a candle light, to a cloud in the sky, to a flower, or a spot on a wall.

2. As I keep my focus on that point, I become aware of my breathing, feeling the air coming into my lungs and then out through my nose and mouth.

3. The longer I stay focused and aware, the more I find peace of mind and clarity with answers.

From more than twenty years of life experience and research, my friend Alan Davidson shares his lessons and findings in his book: “Body Brilliance, Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences.”
Alan’s life lessons have made him grateful for his life, and he wishes for everyone to enjoy their life to the fullest. In his book, Alan introduces our “five essential intelligences – physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual- and how to develop them fully.” For those curious, I believe Alan’s book can put you in touch rapidly with your true powers, from your breathing, your body, your posture, your muscles, your flexibility and more.

Once we are ourselves, we open the doors of awareness.
Without judgment, we can listen, we can observe and become aware of our surroundings.
When our thoughts stop, we then can also hear our inner self, the voice of our consciousness, one with all that is. Within us, we have access to anything we want to know. Our body itself holds truth for us.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. explains a commonly known method called A.K. Testing (Applied Kinesiology), to measure truth with our body.
In his book “Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior,” David Hawkins explains the history of the scientific field of Kinesiology, also known as Human Kinetics, “the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement” (Online Merriam-Webster dictionary).

A quick way to summarize the test is to measure the resistance of our body as our body reacts to statements we make. Our body will be strong when faced with a positive truth, and weak with a negative and/or false statement. Then, with the understanding of AK testing, David Hawkins studies human life in all of its facets and exposes our powers, in alignment with life, and our actions using force, imposing a way out of alignment with life.Death Valley Light and Dark Storm Cloud

Someone long ago suggested a question: “To be or not to be?”

I believe we are, the answer is to be. Only our ego-mind questions our existence, looking at what life isn’t.

The good news, is we just are!

Welcome to life, a universe of infinite possibilities where all we need to do is be ourselves in motion.

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