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2012 !?!?!?!?!:::::::—–>>> 🙂

Life is so exiting. As I live in the moment, I now reconnect with the child in me.

The child who thrived in nature, swimming in and sailing on the ocean, running barefoot on rock edges, running after cows with the dog in the fields, using his imagination to create an adventure in a backyard, improvising puppet shows, what happened to that child?

Well, like all of us, that child, me, learned the rules, adopted the imposed traditions to fit in society, reproduced all past unresolved trauma onto himself and/or others and lost temporarily his sense of Self.

Chris Rials Seitz Costa Rica Native IndianToday, I have found that child again, and the child in me is so excited to benefit from everything I have learned and keep awakening to. Right now, life is, life always has been and life always will be.

(Pictures Gift from Chris Rials Seitz, during a recent trip in Ecuadorean Amazon)

The Universe, Oneness, Prime Creator, Creative Spirit, Cosmic Spirit, God in all of its forms, the whole of it together as one, as one entity, is aware of it all.

We are aware, we are that consciousness we are one with universal consciousness, and with that awareness we are given a body, the body with a mind that allows us to connect with the body.

Chris Rials Seitz Costa Rica WaterfallOur mind interprets the desires of our consciousness. The pure, guided by the source, self.
Living in the constant energy flow of life, fueled by love, creating the harmony that we find in the fluidity of water, the transparency of the air, and the warmth of energy in motion, the action, and the foundation of the earth.
Our body is a sensor, it allows to taste, smell, touch, see, hear, and more. At the very center of our brain we have our pineal gland, which holds our individual master DNA strand, acts as an eye into three dimensional time in a single space. This is, by the way, supposed to be THE secret that has been kept from humanity until recently. In the middle on the page I created on the 2012 topic, you will find a link to the 2012 Enigma video from David Wilcock. Be the judge. I can see so I believe 🙂

So we have a 3rd eye. Our 3rd eye allows us to see in three dimensional time. Wherever we are, we can see what happened, what is happening and what will happen in that space.
We can connect to ourselves in the future, as that space is unique. Everything is that space in the universe, everything is connected to that space.

In the single time. Everything exists in that time, in the moment, in the now, right here.

With our mind, we create, what we want to see, we create what we want to feel, we create what we want to experience, we create what we want to discover, we create what we like, what we love, we create with our thoughts, now.

Chris Rials Seitz Costa Rica Mountain TopWe are pure consciousness, using our mind as a tool to communicate with our body. Our body as a multi-sensory organism, is like a recording machine for everything happening in the moment, and our body helps us perceive more than our mind will accept today, and will our mind accept that?

Our third eye perceives three dimensional time, connecting life’s span in a single space.

Our two eyes perceive three dimensional space, connecting life’s span in a single moment.

Our ears allow us to locate ourselves in the three dimensional space and three dimensional time in the single space and single time we live in.

Our touch, taste buds and our ability to smell allow us to identify other life forms sharing the single space and single time we live in.

Our skin functions like the walls of our trillions of cells, letting air, water, energy, and matter go through either way as needed.

Every part of our body is conscious and connected to the moment.

Every part of our body obeys our thoughts.

The only thing we can control is our thoughts.Chris Rials Seitz Costa Rica Sun through Clouds

We create our present, at all time. We make our life as we think it.

We look like we think we look.

When our thoughts are primal and free of judgment, they serve as guide for the body to do better what it already knows to do.

When our thoughts are in alignment with universal life, they become conscious actions, and there grows the seed of creation.

There is the answer to the 12-21-2012 question. We create our reality in the moment, and we now have about 3 human years to adapt to instant manifestation of our thoughts. Think it : Here it is 🙂

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