After one month of accelerating awakening, I feel in tune with the rest of humanity.

So many experiences and understandings, and now I feel that a summary is the only way to share the way I feel inside today:

Sedona Sunset Awakening EyeToday the divine mother reunites with the divine father.

The female energy becomes one with the masculine energy.

The warrior and the lover are one.

God Mother, our earth in one form, alive on earth as Amma, meaning mother, from India, in one of her incarnations.

God Father, our sun in one form, as the light beings, the millions of light beings as his incarnations.

As Amma sends a tsunami of unconditional love throughout the world, connect to her energy and activate your inner light, fueled by love.

If you have been active, go full power.

If you have been dormant, turn on your light, show the world who you are, what you are made of, what you can do.

Good work, light workers.