Sun Life Consciousness TreeWe exist-right now- in a field of twelve dimensions that we call Consciousness.

Our scientists today explain up to twelve dimensions of existence, where reside parallel universes, called the Multiverse.

Outside this field resides a thirteenth dimension of infinite possibilities.

We can grab any of these possibilities, right now, any time.

In the moment, Consciousness expands by attaching to one possibility and making it real.

We are consciously creating our reality with the thoughts we choose, our thoughts are possibilities.
The thoughts we grab trigger Action to manifest that possibility.

With Action we create our reality, RIGHT NOW!

Action is our choice.Swans Action Current Consciousness

I am, I accept myself, I accept all life unconditionally and I connect with life.

Once connected, I adapt to life; to my life and others.

Now I am ready for Action, by choice.

For a train to move, all coaches are lined up and securely attached to each other. The engine is attached to the chain. Now the train can move.

Every moment of my life is filled with Action that builds my reality. To move like the train, I need my actions lined up and coherent, so my Self can move consciously.

Now I am ready for Action.

In the morning I wake up.

The first action of the day that I am aware of is to wake up.
I am by choice transitioning from one state of consciousness to another; that is my action. Some choose to stay in their dream state while others choose to wake up to this reality.

So what is your action after you wake up? Do you open your eyes, stretch your body or stop your alarm?Snow Branches Action Motivation Consciousness

What is your third action?

In other words, are you aware that you are in Action?

Once you are aware of your Action you can then understand what dictates your Action and what motivates you to act.

Before your action, which thoughts do you choose from the 13th dimension of infinite possibilities?

When in action we enter the action flow, the energy flow or the movement of combined actions.

Our actions can then be reactive to the actions around us or proactive to influence the actions around us.

Life I often feel is like a roller coaster. What I have learned on roller coasters is to completely let go of control and to trust.

Similarly, in life, my action is to let go of control and trust that I am always in the right place at the right time… and I always am in the moment.


When I am in sync with the universal flow of energy, opportunities, same as possibilities, line up for me to grab, satisfying exactly what I need in the moment.

The universe provides me everything I need when I need it.

With trust that my Self is always in the right place at the right time, the only choice I need to make is to grab what comes to me.

Snow Leaves Consciousness MomentI trust that you are your Self.

I trust my Self to want what I need.

In the end, when we know what we want, we discover that it is our purpose to find new wants, and once found, act on those wants with self trust.

And from action comes creation.

Power is in action!

Book references:

I recommend to you books that offer clear insights on living in action in the moment. Each book contains meditations or other methods to liberate your consciousness and experience now higher dimensional existence. Your choice for action is now, in the moment.

I recently received a gift from Rainey Marie Highley who said she found synchronicity between my messages and sources and hers. Rainey was herself gifted with access to higher intelligence through channeling and wrote a book for the awakening of us Lightworkers:The Divine Macroverse
Rainey’s book arrived at the right moment in my life and confirmed the visions that brighten my moment. Through very simple messages, each chapter allows the energy form of each of our 13 dimensions of existence to clarify our origins, uplift our existence in this moment and free us into the field of infinite possibilities.

Lightworkers, this is a book for you. This is our call to Action!

The awakening is now.

“The moment has come”-is now.

Thank you Rainey! You are right, we shine brighter each moment.

Click here for more on Rainey Marie Highley and The Divine Macroverse

For those needing a more detailed understanding with more tangible information of who we are and where we are really, I recommend The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life” – by Drunvalo Melchizedek Volumes 1 and 2.
Drunvalo 80’s has been travelling the world to share his findings and support humanity’s awakening, including the earth and all its ancestors. These books explain Sacred Geometry, our universal architecture, at length. The 2nd volume offers a Merkaba activation meditation at the end.

The above books contain tools that anyone can use to regain full control of their life, including the return to a healthy body and mind with infinite powers. Your choice.