Right now, I, you, we can shift our awareness to a higher state of consciousness and discover our purpose.

It starts at the source of our existence, each our own and our collective existence.

The source is simply right here, right now, in the moment, this moment, where everything is possible and happening. 

Sunset Burning Man 2019

Whether we are aware of what is happening or not is what puts us in one level of consciousness or another. 

There is no higher or lower, worse or better level of consciousness. 

All levels or states of consciousness are each their own type of experience we are to experience to fulfill our purpose.

Each of us has a purpose, whether we are aware of it or not. Each group of us has a purpose.

Humanity on earth has a purpose.

2020 Awakening

The earth and the solar system have a purpose. 

To find our purpose we must find our true selves.

To be on purpose we must act as our true self, in integrity with our self and all other life.

Can you locate your self on the following spectrum?:

  • 1st level or dimension: Photon
    Sound, a vibration creates light, a photon, our smallest known particle
  • 2nd dimension: Birth of Form
    The photon reproduces itself through the fractal process to create form, all life forms.
  • 3rd dimension: Awareness
    The life form becomes aware of its existence, giving birth to the ego self.
  • 4th dimension: Collective Awareness
    The ego self becomes aware of its collective existence, and separation evaporates
  • 5th dimension: Collective Creation
    The collective consciousness harnesses the power of creation. 

Beyond 5th, I leave it to your intuition and your guides.

I find that locating myself on this very simplified scale of levels of consciousness, has helped me make peace with who I am. It helps me accept where I am, who is in my life and why.

Sunset Mushroom Farm Pescadero

We are at a critical point in our collective existence where major events are taking shape that are altering our reality so fast that we take it all for granted.

I can’t wake up others, I can only be awake myself and hopefully people wake up when they see me. 

I see myself with all of humanity in a transition from self awareness to collective awareness. 

How can we speed up that process so we can all benefit from our collective power?

Getting centered, finding that inner peace is the first step.

Limiting the use of language to constructive matters as it is one of our tools of creation.

Using positive wording in our language, always.

Setting collective intentions in group meditations/prayers for our collective harmony and coherence.

This year 2020 for me is about the power of conscious collective intentions! 


We love We.