I have met Dawn some years ago and each time we have connected since then had a positive impact on my life. Dawn was born gifted. After 3 near death experiences,  her life is dedicated to using her gifts to help the healing process of our civilization. For those of you I have met you have heard me talk about the symbols: the symbols come from Dawn.

Dawn Clark

Dawn Clark

  • How to perceive energy beyond the physical form
  • How to clear your energy field
  • How to reprogram your DNA
  • How to unlock your full potential

From Dawn’s Bio:

Before she was a teenager Dawn had two near-death experiences that gave her direct insight into the underlying language of frequency and its power to shape matter and thought.Later, as a young woman, Dawn helped her father, an elite U.S. counter-intelligence agent, write books chronicling his adventures, and became his secret keeper for the stories he dared not transcribe. All of which she has drawn on in her latest novel, The Forbidden Text. Dawn’s path has led her to be an International best-selling author, entrepreneur, innovator, and the mother of three children, now grown and discovering their own passions in life.

If you want to perceive energy beyond our basic senses, I recommend Dawn Clark’s book: Perceiving Energy: Beyond the Physical Form: “An indispensable guidebook for those seeking to see and feel energy. This amazing new book will guide you step-by-step as you become aware of a whole new dimension.

(also available on Amazon.com)

One powerful tool to soul retrieval is Dawn’s book “Gifts for the Soul: A Guided Journey of Discovery, Transformation and Infinite Possibilities I recommend this book for the tools it offers, and especially for the new horizons that Dawn explores for those of us still in the awakening process.

Here is a description from the Amazon.com website:
“Through true stories, case studies and exercises, Dr. Clark reveals “The Gifts”, a series of dynamic images that elicit energetic responses which empower you to heal core life issues as well as underlying causes for physical ailments. By using these gifts, chakras are opened in seconds and instantaneous past and present life soul recovery occurs. This newfound reconnection of energy meridians, coupled with forgiveness and release, creates a forum for cellular reprogramming and the resolution of core life issues. Painful repetitive life patterns, fears, phobias, limiting thoughts, addictions, and self-sabotaging behaviors begin to disappear as we are reunited with and strengthened by the parts of ourselves previously missing. We become empowered to set safe boundaries and move into a space of being loved and supported by ourselves as well as others. Physical ailments, the manifestations of our energetic shutdowns, disappear as blockages are released, core life issues are resolved and vibrational levels are raised. These images unlock your inner potential and ultimately facilitate discovery of your true path, allowing for limitless possibilities.”