Are you called by dolphins? Reach out to Joan Ocean on the big island:

I’ve had the joy to share this experience with Joan multiple times. I am grateful for Joan and her deeply felt passion for our connection with life beyond our limited belief. That belief is evolving fast…

Joan Ocean has written three books “Dolphin Connection“,  “Dolphins into the future” and “Dolphins & Whales Forever” all available in her website’s Gift Shop and on Amazon.

I was amazed when I read Joan’s book first published in the 80’s, as Joan already delivered the same messages I want to share today.

Coming from a multidimensional perspective and with the support of the whales and dolphins, Joan is quite passionate at exposing the impact of human life on levels that most of us humans are unconscious of.

Please check Joan Ocean’s website at:

Make sure to check Joan interview by the amazing Lilou:

Jean Luc Bozzoli is an artist inspired by his multidimentional vision of the world. His latest release is a deeply powerful and magically beautiful rendering of his perspective of what humanity is currently going through.

See a preview at…

Give yourself a treat and read through his page with Jean Luc’s magical renderings that you can also Purchase as prints: