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Make sure to watch Joan Ocean’s interview by the amazing Lilou Mace and her Juicy Living Tour series of mind expanding interviews with those who see the world as it really is:

Positive NEWS Flash:

I invite you to watch a video on YouTube, about Johnny Seitz, the Stroke Wisperer:

This video moved me, exposing our true potential beyond our commonly restricted imposed views on life.

I had the privilege of working with Johnny, me being physically in good shape, and I believe I have now empowered my body and my Self as much as a rehabilitated stroke victim.

Johnny Seitz and Chris Rials-Seitz:

being oneself

I start my list of friends with one of the best examples of being oneself. I present to you Johnny Seitz. Johnny is an autistic adult, with extreme levels of perception he can achieve as he doesn’t think, he just is. I worked with Johnny as my life coach for a year, and he has guided me in knowing my body, my center of gravity, in trusting myself, and ultimately growing up to enjoy life to the fullest as myself. Now, I am able to be of service to others. I can give freely so people can receive freely.

Among Johnny’s specialties, he works with stroke victims, especially when the scientific medical field gives up. This is his Johnny’s website:

Chris Rials Seitz Singing Bowls HealingChris Rials-Seits is Johnny’s 20 year partner, and a lot of Chris’ work is with autistic children, starting with her husband (haha)

The last time I saw Chris, she offered friends and I a healing crystal bowls session. Lying on the ground, I felt the vibration of each of the 7 bowls tune in with different parts of my body. Before the session, I had symptoms of bronchitis, after the one hour session, my lungs were clear.

Chris and Jonny have now moved to South America.

I hope you will be inspired, and look for similar people who can help in your area.

The following pages give you details about Johnny and Chris, as well as a description of how the Crystal Bowls work.

As the primary practitioners at AXIS EVOLVING, Johnny Seitz is a certified Personal Trainer and Chris Rials-Seitz has a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Both have life-long experience and are qualified in transforming client’s lives through Motivational life Coaching, Relaxation and Stress Management, Biofeedback, and re-educating your muscles by releasing tension, all of which may improve the quality of life for aclient allowing the client to function more efficiently and effectively.

Johnny’s Work:

I come to what I do from a sort of different angle. I am an autistic adult and autistic people are often credited with being able to easily envision very complex systems more easily than normal people. For example, many computer programmers are high functioning autistic people. So, as is common to autistic people such as Einstein and Di Vinci, I am able to easily conceptualize a complex system. For me, the mechanics of the human body are more exposed than it seems to be for others. I can hold all 600+ muscles and 200+ bones in my mind as I work with a body. I can also ‘become’ the body of the person I am working with and know what is needed to get a specific action done.

It seems that, perhaps because of my autism, I am able to perceive messages sent to the muscles, even tiny ones or unfocused ones, being sent by the brain to a muscles and I can guide the client to augment and to amplify these messages into actual controlled movements. In my work I have always worked on helping people access, identify and connect with their own natural inner resources that are naturally in the human body. One’s inner resources help you move through life, coping with life’s stressors, adapting and strategizing in order to compensate for traumas both physical and emotional. Your inner resources help you to find your way when you are less comfortable than you would like to be.Death Valley Sand Storm Power of Nataure

Our bodies were supposed to have learned certain primary muscle recruitment patterns for handling stress, both physical and emotional in childhood but unfortunately many of us didn’t or our parents didn’t ratify these early discoveries when we did. I use weights and balancing techniques to integrate the mind/body experience of literally finding one’s balance as one stands on one’s feet to manifest balance and strategies to balance the stressors of life’s issues.

The human body is a perfectly designed stress management machine. I teach individuals to develop strategies to manage stressful situations in their life by accessing the appropriate muscle recruitment patterns that give an individual powerful support.

We often hold emotions in the muscles of our bodies, the very muscles that were tensed up in the physical or the emotional situation of a past trauma. I have created techniques to use these muscles in such a way as to bring up and process the stuck emotions from the past.

Chris’ Work:Chris Rial Seitz Crystal Bowl Session

Chris Rials-Seitz has a Master’s in Psychology, is an ordained minister, and has continued studies with Michael Harner at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Currently Chris has a private healing practice in Los Angeles using Quantum Life Biofeedback, Healing Crystal Bowls, Qi Gong and breath/movement work. Chris has been working with clients facing substance abuse and recovery challenges for over 20 years. Chris currently works with teens at risk, adults facing life challenges, and families impacted by Autism.

Chris is an educator, a publiShed photographer and filmmaker, TV producer, and one of the original establishing members of the Decade of Indigenous People at the United Nations in New York, which after it’s decade went on to be the ongoing Indigenous People’s Forum.

Chris lives a life committed to serving the community by creating effective communication, balance and healing.

HEALING CRYSTAL BOWLSTranquility in Yosemite source of healing

Crystal bowls create a very pure wave form, a sine wave form. This pure sine wave form carries through physical objects quite well. The human body has quite a lot of resonation potentials within it. The initial effect of playing crystal bowls is to relax the body and mind. Once calmness is restored, the sound frequencies stimulate the chakras, brain, endocrine glands, and nervous system.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, these chakras, or energy centers, function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of energy through our energy system. Each of the seven chakras is associated with one of the seven endocrine glands, and also with a group of nerves called a plexus. Thus, each chakra can be associated with particular parts of the body and particular functions within the body controlled by that plexus or that endocrine gland associated with that chakra.

FIRST: (C) Base; Color: Red/Location: The perineum, the point between the anus and the sex organs.

Parts of the body: Lymph system, skeleton system (teeth and bones), the prostate gland in men, the sacral plexus, the bladder and elimination system, and the lower extremities (legs – feet, ankles, etc.). Also the nose, since it is the organ of the sense of smell, and associated with survival.

Endocrine gland: Adrenal glands.

SECOND:(D) Sacral; Color: Orange/ Location: The center of the abdomen

Parts of the body: Reproductive system, sexual organs, lumbar plexus.

Endocrine gland: Gonads

THIRD:(E) Solar Plexus; Color: Yellow/Location: Solar plexus

Parts of the Body: Associated with the muscular system, the skin as a system, the solar plexus, the large intestine, stomach, liver, and other organs and glands in the region of the solar plexus. Also the eyes, as the organs of sight, and the face, representing figuratively the face one shows the world.

Endocrine Gland: The pancreas

FOURTH: (F) Heart; Color: Green /Location: Center of the chest

Parts of the body: Associated with the heart and the blood circulatory system, and the cardiac plexus, as well as the lungs and the entire chest area.

Endocrine Gland: Thymus Gland, controlling the immune system.

FIFTH: (G) Throat; Color: Sky blue /Location Base of the throat.

Parts of the body: Associated with the throat and the neck, and the arms and the hands. It is associated with the brachial or cervical plexus.

Sense: Sense of Hearing

Endocrine Gland: Thyroid Gland

SIXTH:(A) Third Eye Color: Midnight Blue/ Location: Center of the forehead

Parts of the body: Associated with the forehead and temples, with the carotid plexus.

Endocrine Gland: Pituitary Gland

SEVENTH:(B) Crown; Color: Violet /Location: Top of the head.

Parts of the body: Associated with the top of the head, the brain, and the entire nervous system. Endocrine Gland: Pineal Gland.

My friend Lex, author of the “Books”

Lex is a multi-talented friend who has accepted one day to be my spiritual adviser (spiritual = pure life), and his first action was to allow me to experience the true meaning of listening to others and observing without judgment or interference. Many other lessons followed.

Lex and I have since developed a close cooperation in our spiritual awakening and we both wish to share our discoveries with the same passion for life.

Here is Lex’ intro to himself and his books:

(Pictures taken by Lex)

Lex Photo

I would like to start off by thanking Benoit for allowing me to share my work on this website and to thank all of you who have been reading from my first book, “Enabimnio” during the past few weeks.

I first began writing a series of books, that Benoit has introduced here, exactly two years ago when I had a sudden moment of clarity that began a healing journey which continued to this day. I was reading “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Luiz when I got a “hit” to go outside and read the book aloud. “Kinda weird”, I thought but I felt so strongly about this there was no question about doing it. While walking across the 6th street bridge from East LA towards my home in downtown Los Angeles, I read the book aloud while wondering whether the passing drivers thought that I might be a bit dimwitted for reading along with my moving lips.

Lex SunlightAs I read, the sound of my own voice began to irritate me. I began to notice how much I disliked the sound of my own voice: too high and too nasal. I could see that my arms too were skinny from not going to the gym and my skin was starting to freckle and show signs of age. All these thoughts were running in my head parallel to the text which I was reading aloud and listening to. I suddenly stopped thinking about myself so much and started to focus on what I was reading. I was reading a beautifully written passage about self-acceptance!

Right there on the 6th street bridge was the first time that I really got it. That the only person who had been rejecting me and judging me and telling me that I was not enough just as I was, was me. Well, that didn’t make any sense.

Lex Reflection“What’s the point of not accepting myself?” I thought, “Not accepting myself doesn’t make any sense. I am me; after all and I look the way I look, I sound the way I sound and I am the age that I am. I am not anything or anyone other than who I find myself to be right at this moment. Why not just accept that guy and be happy.” For the first time in my 40 years of living I just knew, with this startling clarity, the “fact” that fighting with me about me was a stupid thing to be doing.

Now how do to this? What’s the cure? I’ve had plenty of cathartic moments in my life, and wonderful and enlightening as they are, they have not necessarily changed my bad habits. Knowing exactly why I’m doing something that is self-damaging hasn’t always made me stop doing it. I’ve always wanted catharsis to work for me like it does for the people in the movies, but it has never seemed to work out that easy. I knew that with that realization there would be some work to do. So I said out loud, “I want to learn to accept myself. I want to learn to accept all of myself”

Lex OneThat night while falling asleep I heard the opening line to Enabimnio in my head, “I accept all that is good about me, I accept that all is not bad.” Clever line I thought as it kept rolling around in my head. The line wouldn’t leave me alone so I got up and garbed a blank notebook and wrote it down. At that point the flood gates open and I proceeded to write the “Poem of Acceptance” just as Benoit has presented it here. As I was writing I would read the lines out loud as I did the Miguel Luiz book on the 6th Street Bridge and I could tell by the tone and timbre of my voice whether or not I believed in what I was saying. The first line that caught me was, “I accept myself accepting acceptance.” Even though I wrote it I was lying when I said it so I just kept saying it over and over until I felt comfortable saying it. Anytime my voice would quiver or weaken I knew that my core belief about myself was not in alignment with what the words on the page were saying. By saying the line over and over until it, “locked-in” I was changing my belief structure about myself right there in that moment-and it worked!

I read the poem many times that night always aloud. At each reading, I accepted the concepts more and allowed them to sink deeper into me. The next day, I felt the proof would exist if this poem/spell/mantra thing I had written actually had the power to change the way of my thinking. It did!

Lex Nature PerfectionI wondered why I was writing only one sentence per page; “To slow you down so you can feel what you are saying” was the answer I got. The reason for one sentence per page is because I decided that I want each page to have a single statement of truth that I could tear out of the book and stick on my wall until I got it.

That’s how the book works essentially. You could read the book to yourself and it can help you change the way you think OR you could read the book out loud to yourself and it can change the way you feel about yourself. I find the latter much more valuable.

I discover that my brain starts to believe whatever it hears if I tell it over and over. It’s really kind of dumb in that sense that it accepts a program pretty easily. Repeat it enough and the brain starts to take it as truth. POLITICIANS AND ADVERTISERS ARE VERY AWARE OF THIS. Why not use this mechanism in order to get us to believe some real negative stuff about ourselves to good use? That’s what Enabimnio and the books to follow are all about. I hope that you enjoy them. I hope you are able to learn new levels of self-healing and growth through them. I would be profoundly pleased if this turns out to be so.

Thank you.


Dawn Clark: how to perceive energy beyond the physical form

If you want to perceive energy beyond our basic senses, I recommend my friend Dawn Clark’s book: Perceiving Energy: Beyond the Physical Form: “An indispensable guidebook for those seeking to see and feel energy. This amazing new book will guide you step-by-step as you become aware of a whole new dimension.
(also available on

Dawn ClarkI have met Dawn a few years ago and each time we have connected since then had a positive impact on my life.. Dawn was born gifted, and her life is dedicated to using her gifts to help the healing process of our civilization.

From Dawn’s Bio:
Extra-Sensory Perception
Gifted with second sight, Dawn’s exceptional abilities for perceiving subtle energy fields, distance healing and astral travel emerged at a young age. As a CIA operative, Dawn’s father believed her gifts might make her an exceptional asset to the agency, but Dawn soon discovered that her extra-sensory abilities were being called to a higher purpose.

David Monroe

I would like to dedicate my newsletters, as well as the website to my best friend, alter ego, and spiritual brother David Monroe. David has a thirst for unconditional love, and has demonstrated to me what unconditional means. Thanks to David’s support and guidance, I was able to launch this website as another step towards the Pangaea Project. I thank deeply David for allowing me to understand and explore the value of truth and fairness. Thank you, I love you brother.

Alan Davidson

Alan Davidson Portrait

Alan Davidson has opened my awareness indirectly and directly for 6 years now, and I owe a big part of my awakening to him. Alan’s passion and respect for life is an inspiration to me and many who subscribe to his health newsletter, and/or work with him for his multiple healing and therapeutic talents.

Earlier this year I already emailed my friends when Alan launched his book “Body Brilliance, Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences

I am happy to report that Alan’s book is a success. Alan is currently working on his next book.

Make sure to check out Alan’s website. When you signup for Alan’s e-zine, you will receive useful hints and information to take full advantage of your life, from recognized visionaries.

Here is Alan’s bio from his website:

“Alan D, RMT, is the owner and director of Essential Touch Therapies in Houston, Texas. He has a B.S. from University of Houston, with an emphasis on psychology, sociology, philosophy, and religion. Alan is fascinated with the intersection of bodywork, psychology, ritual, and spiritual practice. He has taught massage, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and human transformation since 1990 and is a certified Nia White Belt. Alan is currently on the teaching staff at Source Vital College of Holistic Studies and NiaMoves Studio. You can see more about him, and subscribe to his health newsletter, at”