Here you can find some of my Facebook Post:

August 4th, 2020:

As the media spreads messages of division, I, We, Wi end up having to choose one side or the other, putting us in inner conflict, pushing us out of our self integrity.To restore self integrity, I, We, Wi self accept – self love – self allow all to be. With inner peace as the power of our will, let’s blossom together in our shared reality now.

If you are looking for a documentary, click here!

July 20th, 2020:

As I enter this segment of our life experience, it is my intent to be my true self in words and actions, that which I am loving to do, benefiting all in the now.

July 6, 2020

Stretch yoga grounding intention rise and shine as one true self in the service to our One life.

June 20th, 2020

Oh beautiful San Francisco, the city that keeps on birthing world changes. Can we lead the ultimate change to integrity, self and all?
I am open to help!

June 2nd, 2020

In the spectrum of light I only perceive a minuscule fraction of it. In the field of possibility I only believe in a minuscule fraction of a possible fraction of it.
As an isolated human separate from it all, I only believe in a limited minuscule fraction of minuscule fraction of the full human potential.
Today, we are free to own our lives and to act together, overpowering any minuscule fraction of our own humanity attempting to separate us, when we are most powerful as one.
Our collective hearts define our experienced reality. Our peaceful mind sees clearly what our peaceful heart wants in alignement with our peaceful gut truth.
We, all of us, create our reality from our thoughts, words and actions. We can change our reality for the better with our words, thoughts in actions that benefit all now.
I listen to my heart first.