The Pangaea Diva now has her own website:

2014 Burning Man: Diva Nation camp.

Diva Nation at Decompressions 2014 at Nimby, Oakland, CA.  Thanks to this short video compliments of the East Bay Core team.

The story of Diva:

IMG_3117Diva Nation is the home of Pangaea, the great Diva, earth momma/goddess, whose mission it is to bring all mankind together as one, through music and song.

There is always the piano, a Hammond organ, Drums and a Bass with other instruments that have been left behind, after all-night jam sessions, for traveling musicians to pick up and bring to life!

Reach deep inside and find your inner diva. You are welcome here

Our 2014 plan succeeded! 

Our camp grew to a team of 55 wonderful people.

Our camp occupied 150′ by 150′ of frontage. The Pangaea Diva bus had a lot of success as passers by made sure to capture the exotic face of the Diva.IMG_3285

The HookUp truck took center stage, … details …. maybe….

Late afternoons in our bedouin tent turned into jam sessions, with Beats (aka Jon) on the piano, and crowds playing various instruments around, Our camp saluted the sun rise, we offered ice cold wet sarongs to passers by during a hot afternoon.

Our swiss friends/DJs, Silvio, Lucien and Michi kept the rhythm going.

Diva Nation BM 2014 Bus inside updateThe Pangaea Diva came back to Nimby, and went back to the Playa in 2015 as a service vehicle for the Man Pavilion project.

The Pangaea Diva has now changed hands for a new life in Sonoma County. You may see her looking even better than ever.