This is a book you just need to read once.

Wake up to your True Self !

Make peace with the POWERFUL YOU !

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I wrote these 9 steps to awakening based on my own lessons at each step.

These are 9 steps to understanding and aligning our lives with our true self.

PangaeaProject Book Us Awakening Our Power As One

1. I Am

2. I connect

3. I adapt

4. I act

5. I create

6. We manifest

7. We unite

8. We are infinite

9. We are one

Book available in Epub and PDF format.

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Why a conscious awakening?

I understand how we are programmed to feel those negative emotions. I understand because I am human like all of us, and I am willing to look at Truth. What Truth? The truth of life as it is. The truth of what I perceive before I emit judgement. Equally, the truth that you and each of us perceive from our own perspective. I understand what it means to not exist, not exist consciously as one self. I understand what it means to live a life focused on others. I understand what it means to feel guilt, shame, the need to make sacrifices, and fear.

“Benoit Le Chevallier’s book, “Us Awakening Our Power As One” is a manifestation of pure love and infinite possibility.

His expansive and joyful personality comes through in his writing as he frees us from the challenges of the human condition by reminding us of our infinite connection to one another and to all that is.”

Rainey Highley
Author of The Water Code

We are conscious beings and it is time that we consciously awaken. By just being present in the moment, we awaken consciously to truth, to reality. With Us Awakening Our Power As One, I put all the lessons from my own and other shared experiences, into a guide to awakening to self.

As we wake up individually, we wake up more and more of our oneness.

Are you ready to consciously awaken?

Are you ready to be right now? Are you ready to manifest your dreams? Are you ready to embrace who you are? Are you ready to live in your power? Are you ready to be happy? Are you ready to enjoy life? Are you ready to share your life with us all, as one powerful humanity, powerful beyond our imagination?

I am.


Watch this short video I made to remind us that we are connected by the heart beat of the universe, as one.

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Us Awakening Our Power As One, A Shared Reality

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