Coach – Emotional Healer
Counselor for Self Acceptance – Spiritual Teacher

Benoit Le ChevallierRaised in France, I lived the life my country expected from me, I played the role that kept my family happy, being myself was my own inner fantasy. 

When I came to the US to study at age 20, I was for the first time disconnected from my native obligations. This was the beginning of my path to self acceptance, forgiveness, and allowing myself to be who I was always afraid to be. 

Through research and personal experience, I understood how unresolved traumatic experiences influence our entire lives, especially those of early childhood age 0-6.

Our personal behaviors transpire in our collective life to become collective behaviors, consciously or subconsciously.

Adventuring around the world I have learned from many cultures. From personal and professional circumstances, I have met people from a broader spectrum of humanity; from the poorest to the richest, from the youngest to the oldest, from the unaware to the aware, from the healthiest to the sickest, from unknown to famous, etc.

Following a life path from non-existence to total existence, I am now guiding individuals and organizations to operate in authenticity.  

Benoit Le Chevallier

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What is PANGAEA?

When all the land masses of the Earth were united in one supercontinent they called it


Through a series of events we human beings begin to experience the same unity that the Earth masses did when the Earth was


The spirit of PANGAEA reminds us that we all come from one common source and have become separated in time and space from one another.

PANGAEA calls us back to unity, to oneness, to wholeness, to completeness.

All human beings are interconnected spiritually, energetically, and physically to each other and to planet Earth. We are part of one giant organism. We are all one.

Science teaches that all colors are contained within “white light.” When we see individual colors, we are seeing only fractal parts of the whole.

Our experience of ourselves as “individuals” is but an illusion, the recognition of only a fractal part of our true nature that is united with all things.

By our intention PANGAEA gives us an opportunity through games, interactive experiences, training, music and dancing to explore that sense of unity and reconnect with all human beings and with all that is. We awaken within ourselves the power and joy that is