Think, Act, Create

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Before I continue exploring perception, as perception of life’s gifts defines every moment of our conscious life, I offer here a summary, a conclusion to my writings on so far.
I feel the acceleration of a mass human awakening, and the wave is for anyone who wants to catch. Now is the moment to act, always has been, always is and always will be.
Golden Eagle Light Darkness Counciousness

We think to create when we are one with the path of creation.
Think, Act, Create

We think, therefore we are who we think we are.
Our body image is the reflection of who we believe we are, what we believe we look like.
Everything we think, everything we say, becomes reality in one way, shape or form in one dimension or another.

Nature Eye ManifestationWe are born with beliefs encoded in our DNA from our family.
We are born with beliefs we carry from our past lives in our energy, soul existence.
We are born in a grid of historical and cultural beliefs, that become second nature as we grow up. Or do they today?
We grow from childhood through experiences that each create new beliefs or reinforces old ones.
Now I ask, whose beliefs are those when they are in us?

Belief DNA Encoded MossEach of us owns our own beliefs, whether conscious or subconscious, and whether originating from our own life or from others.
We can change those beliefs in ourselves. Our thoughts are born from our beliefs.
With our cellular body at all time regenerating itself, we program each new cell with our thoughts of the moment, whether conscious of it or not.
Each programmed cell carries the encoding of our intentions and desires, our wishes, our wants, our obsessions, and our passions in order to manifest them as we have commanded. I think = I command.

Saratogo Mind thought ManifestationHow often do you focus on what you want?
How often do you focus on what you don’t want?
In your life, do you mostly get what you want?
Do you ever get what you don’t want?

As far as I know, in life there is no such is as what isn’t. Everything just is.
Nature doesn’t know what is not.
So when we focus on what we do not want, we end up getting it.
We are in reality wanting what we do not want, asking for it.

When I ask for what I want, it is amazing, I do get it too!Saratogo Light Trees Green Conciousness
When I know what I want, I get it and more.
When I am centered, a sovereign being, at peace with myself and the universe, thoughts manifest as fast as instantaneously.

We are all magicians. We create the experience of every moment of our life.
We are not the experience, we are the ones who experience.
Using thoughts as a tool to observe reality and learn from it to make a positive difference, that we call creation.

Thoughts compute our multi-sensory experiences, then those thoughts trigger our actions which result in our creation.
As we all operate individually as one with all that is, our actions combine as the universal creation process.

Saratogo Spring Moss OnenessWe have the power to decide. We have the power to decide for ourselves. We have a life given right to choose, and we choose, every moment what we want, what our beliefs guide us to want.

All that happens in our life is what we want deep within ourselves. We live in a world of infinite potentiality, and our path of creation feeds the universe with new experiences.
We are sovereign beings. We have control of our thoughts, our desires, and our actions.

With owning one’s life, comes discipline. With our discipline come our decisions. With our decisions come our actions. With our actions come our creation, our daily life.

When we are disconnected from our own life, and lack to make decisions for ourselves, we allow others to make decisions for our Self.

At any moment, we have the power to regain control of our life and to make our own decisions.

Oneness Manifestation ConsciousnessI recommend to start with the basics:
What is the best food to find, prepare and eat for you?
What is the best and most peaceful way for you to sleep?
What is the right quantity of water for you to drink daily?
What is the best way to maintain and cleanse your body, inside and outside.

Make those experiences positive for your body, and the rest of life will follow with ease and clarity.


  1. Nicely said!!! Exactly! I can’t believe that we both think exactly alike. You know how many people think it’s all crazy? I am totally seeing people raising their frequencies to a higher level and questioning things from who they are, who they forgot that they are…. so they can simply be, manifest their own desires, and come to terms that we are all connected on a collective consciousness level.

    I’ll send you a site here soon. I’m helping develop it and waiting to talk to the owner on the phone hopefully today. You’d be great as a contributor for this community.

  2. i came know how our thinking works for our words works for us & how our action works for us.A great knowlege i came to know
    thank you
    I think you are doing great job to all the world to give them these deep knowledge.
    Once again thank you

    rajkumar dandwani

  3. WE human being not like a God but sometimes we think and act like a huge incarnative passion of worhtiness of creative .We are the demon of our own evil nature and we are the great man of our own self creativeness.Nature does not allow anything which is very hamful for human but WE is the thinkful creature of system of concern human ecosystem now ,we are approaching a great turning point of humanand its climate .

  4. what a wonderful message of recreating oneself into self discovery. thanks

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