Who and what are you? Target: Self Acceptance

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Sunset River Mirror If only we could all deliver on our commitments…

If we could all speak our own truth free of self censorship…
If we only knew how to speak truth in ways that serve all of us and that others can understand…


What is it that you want?

What is it that you want right now?

Who are you right now that the world sees?

Who are you in this moment that is different from the next moment?

Who are you that you want to be?

What are your thoughts?

What thoughts are yours?

Are you your thoughts?

What do you see when you close your eyes?

What do you see that differs from what others can see?

What do you hear that differs from what others can hear?Morning Fog Zurich


We each have our own unique perspective.

What we see is what we believe we see from our own perspectives with our own ability to see.

What we hear is what we believe we hear from our own perspectives with our own ability to hear.

A deaf person can hear what a hearing person cannot hear.

A blind person can see what a seeing person cannot see.


We each have our own feelings.

We feel whether we want it, believe it, feel it or not.

What we think we feel is only a thought.

Feelings come before thoughts.

Our thoughts create our reality triggered by our feelings.

Our reality is our own and unique reality that differs from all other’s reality.


Muir Wood ReflectionWhat we are told is a perspective outside of ours.

We believe what we want to believe, whether conscious of those beliefs or not.

We hear and we see what we want to see, whether conscious of those wants or not.


Truth is what is.

Our own individual truth is our own perception of what is.

We perceive what is through our own perspective of what we see, hear and feel and our other multiple senses, some that operate subconsciously.


So what do you want?

What do you think you want?

What do you want in your heart?


I know I want what I have because it is what I have whether I am consciously aware of what I have or not.

I know I want what my heart tells me I want because it is to the benefit of all.


I trust my feelings.Ocean Beach San Francisco

I am the master of my thoughts.

I love life because we are all in it together as one.

I love you as I love myself and all of us together as one.

Let’s be who we love to be, it is our choice right now.

We have the means to create that life we love with our thoughts.

We have the means to create that life we love with what we want that we already have.

What we already have is what we can perceive with our true feelings using our multiple senses.

With unconditional love, we have the choice to be at peace with what is.


So today, just smile and be who you are with what you have and who you have in your life, starting with yourself.

Life is amazing. I am alive and as you read this, so are you!

I love you.



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