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2015, I believe! I want! Let your dreams come true!

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I believe There is a change. I believe yes the old ways are evaporating. We are transforming back to our original self. We are creating our reality from our heart more by the day Releasing what is not our want and inviting in our life what we want. Whoever are the minds that orchestrated recent massacres, they have triggered an awakening by going for our hearts. In our hearts we know what we want and we know who we are. From within our hearts, we find the connection to our true self and to all others. Connected by our hearts, we find ourselves as one. I am Charlie, I am a policeman. I am the President of my country, I am the Pope, I am the Imam, I am the Communist leader of my union and I am my country’s leader of a Nationalist party, I am the dictator. I am...

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