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2. I connect, we are connected.

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This post is the 2nd part of 9. Part 3 will be: 3. I Adapt. If you missed part 1: 1. In the moment, I am. Unchaining the heart. I CONNECT I CONNECT with you right now as you read and you CONNECT with me. You CONNECT through the Internet to all. WE CONNECT right now or do you? Are you connected with your Self? I CONNECT Life once I live mine is amazing. Every day I wake up with the feeling of another amazing day, full of surprises. From my awareness of existence, once I am fully aware of my Self, fully accepting of my Self and myself, I have a clearer awareness of life outside of me; me, you or anyone. With that clearer awareness I find the entry points to connect. I CONNECT by tuning in to a frequency. WE, CONNECT. We connect with words, with looks, with touch,...

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