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1. In the moment, I am. Unchaining the heart.

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In the moment, I am. Right now, I am. Right now, You are. We, our consciousness, always have been, always are and always will be. I was born in this physical world like you. My physical life started as an egg created in the ovary of my mother when she was a four month old fetus in my grandmother’s womb, like you. I breath, or I am being breathed?- depending on perspective, like you. I nourish my body at all levels, like you. I release unused energy and energy I create in all shapes and forms, like you. I am in motion alternated with stillness, like you. I came to exist on this beautiful earth, like you. I am my mind, like you. I am my body, like you. I am my Higher-Self, like you. I am my own self, like you. I am aware, more or less, like you. I am...

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