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Everything happens now, including 2012.

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Click this link if you want to read my version of 2012 with a list of books I have read and that offer answers. 2012 !?!?!?!?!:::::::—–>>> 🙂 Life is so exiting. As I live in the moment, I now reconnect with the child in me. The child who thrived in nature, swimming in and sailing on the ocean, running barefoot on rock edges, running after cows with the dog in the fields, using his imagination to create an adventure in a backyard, improvising puppet shows, what happened to that child? Well, like all of us, that child, me, learned the rules, adopted the imposed traditions to fit in society, reproduced all past unresolved trauma onto himself and/or others and lost temporarily his sense of Self. Today, I have found that child again, and the...

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