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We ARE – Manifestations of one consciousness – Oneness (Last part)

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To accept ourselves unconditionally we need to be honest with our Self. Once we have accepted ourselves, and we are honest with ours Self, then what? Training for life is to be our own dream. We become aware of us, the dream. We accept the dream and become one with the dream. When we connect with the Self, we connect with oneness. We ultimately all influence and support each other’s lives. Everything we need right now is available right now. We are all gifted with our unique abilities that allow us to deal with life, participate in life and be alive, as a dream of one consciousness. We have food available anywhere to survive, if we act to produce or find it. We have water available to drink if we act to access it and keep that water pure. We have the ability to...

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Introducing Lex, and “We ARE – Manifestations of one consciousness – Oneness” (Continued)

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Time to introduce you to my friend Lex, who wrote the book published, in parts, with the first eight newsletters. Enabimnio will soon be release online at If you haven’t read it yet, now is the best time, as you can read it in one flow within five to ten minutes. Again, we recommend to only just keep on reading. The succession of the pages creates the flow of the text. For me, Lex is a multi talented friend who has accepted one day to be my spiritual adviser (spiritual = pure life), and his first action was to allow me to experience the true meaning of listening to others and observing without judgment or interference. Many other lessons followed. Lex and I have since developed a close cooperation in our spiritual awakening and...

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