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We ARE – Manifestations of one consciousness – Oneness

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Welcome to this 8th newsletter for I also feel more ready to talk about our real life that we think is not real, when what we think is real is actually not real. We all are one perspective of the whole of what is. We exist all connected together as the whole of what is, as one. Whether a plant, a rock, a human, an animal, a fire or an ocean, a star or a planet, a galaxy or a molecule, and any other infinitely possible life forms, we all co-exist, as one. One consciousness manifests itself in infinite forms to experience itself, life. Oneness creates us as a dream. We are all dreams. We are the manifestations of those dreams. We are a dream. Our life is a dream. Only when we accept that we are a dream, can we become one with that dream. We exist...

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What are we made of? Energy?

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Welcome to this 7th newsletter for I thank my friend Lex for his support, his partnership, his will to share knowledge and his patience in guiding me to be a listener and observer and guiding me in how to offer unconditional attention. I will introduce Lex fully soon. In the mean time, we offer you to read his book, the first book he is sharing as a gift, about Acceptance. As a reminder, we recommend that you just read each part as a whole, like you would a sentence. So what are we made of? Energy? Energy flows though us at all times, we breath through our skin and through our mouth and nose to our lungs. We create Energy, we blow candles, we throw rocks in the air. We consume Energy, we drink water, we eat food. We share Energy, we row boats...

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Love is free. The reward is priceless.

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For those without a heart, for those who give up on life, for those who care not about other’s lives, lets give them a heart. How do we give them a heart? We show them our heart. Start with an act of kindness. Scientific experiments have demonstrated that an act of kindness results in an increase in serotonin levels in the brain of the person doing the act of kindness, in the person receiving the act of kindness and in anyone’s brain who witnesses the act of kindness. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a type of chemical that helps relay signals from one area of the brain to another. Like putting oil in a car engine, the serotonin powers the brain, and with a good working brain comes positive thoughts, happiness, etc. The best news is that smiling is an...

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